Happy New Year 2018

Maybe we should start by, where have I been? Well, it’s been quite a while since we spoke here, and my deepest apologies. I’m back and this, happy new year. When I started this blog in 2011/2012, I did it as a source of release for myself to be able to share what I had […]

Now That Kids Want Condoms

Monday’s Daily paper had a headline that sent shivers down many parents spine. We want condoms, teens say, the headline read. To many parents, it came as a shock that many teens did not want any sort of abstinence talk any more, they just wanted protection to be made readily available and it begged so […]

Why You Should Never Enter Politics

Every five years the Kenyan populace comes to a standstill to elect it’s next crop of leaders. We have done this religiously since we got independence but for most of the Kenyan politics, it became real in 1992, when finally multipartyism became a reality.  Many people stood to be later, many tried, few succeeded and […]