Happy New Year 2018

Maybe we should start by, where have I been? Well, it’s been quite a while since we spoke here, and my deepest apologies.

I’m back and this, happy new year. When I started this blog in 2011/2012, I did it as a source of release for myself to be able to share what I had with the world. I loved (and still love) writing. I always took it as a way of making my mark in the world.

Those were the days before I even learnt how to take photos. Probably a story for another day, but it’s been quite a journey.

I have done so much, been through so much, I can’t wait to share so much with you guys again and again. Sign up to receive my posts, because I am not about to leave again for another 6 years.

I have so much to tell you all, but I think I will just start by saying, it’s good to be back.


She Made Me Cry

So, yesterday I disciplined my daughter. She was refusing to take her uji (porridge). Lets get things straight, my baby loves food, like her dad. She never gets to eat enough food, like her mum. So, when I saw her refusing to drink porridge, I knew that she was busy dictating the foods she will take and those that she won’t. Continue reading “She Made Me Cry”

At The Friday Night Rave

It’s a Friday night and you head out with your friends to your local to have a few drinks. Continue reading “At The Friday Night Rave”


Occupy PlayGround

I had to pen this early, in support of Boniface Mwangi. Lang’ata Primary School Playground has been grabbed by some big people, and Kenyans are supposed to stay silent.

Its sad to say the least, that political leaders are not angrier than they should be. A country that wants to move forward cannot let people take advantage of the school going children.

Most schools, in fact, have no playing grounds that the children can have fun at. Its all work and no play, like Kaimenyi asked, “Do you want your child to be dull?” and then the same ruling government goes ahead to grab public land.

On Monday, 19th January, there will be a demonstration at Langata Primary School as from 9am to help secure the land back to the School. See you there!

Follow @bonifacemwangi on Twitter for more details.


Celbrating the life of a soldier.

Faith & I

I 1st heard about Caleb through some of my friends from PCEA Kahawa Sukari Church. They were part of organising an initiative called ‘Let Me Live’ to support a certain young gentleman called Caleb Ngugi Kipkan. Caleb was a 16-year old boy who was suffering from Leukaemia (Blood Cancer). Citizen TV had done a feature on him on the ‘Your Story’ segment. You can watch it here to get a better understanding of Young Caleb.

I was really previledged to be part of the ‘Let Me Live’ campaign as we raised funds for Caleb’s treatment. Sadly, Caleb went to be with our sweet Lord early last week. We celebrate & honour Caleb, who showed us the true meaning of living for something greater than ourselves.

Tomorrow we lay Caleb to rest in Kirinyaga. This post is to honour Caleb, though I met & interacted with you briefly during…

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Hold On To The End

Curve balls, that’s the one thing Beckham was good at doing in a football match. He would get a free kick and everyone, including the coach and commentators was sure that this was ANOTHER goal. Continue reading “Hold On To The End”