Why You Should Never Enter Politics

Every five years the Kenyan populace comes to a standstill to elect it’s next crop of leaders. We have done this religiously since we got independence but for most of the Kenyan politics, it became real in 1992, when finally multipartyism became a reality.  Many people stood to be later, many tried, few succeeded and […]

Declaring My Wealth-in USD

The original post was on another blog I was making use of before coming back here. I hope you like it. It is up to date as at December 2015. I will do a follow up soon. Enjoy.   ‚ÄčThere has been a lot of talk of wealth and poverty declaration recently, and as a husband and […]

Daddy and Being Daddy Like

I have a little girl. She is the most beautiful being I have ever seen.  Of course,  Mama Joy is #1,  there is no argument there. Joy is one of bundle of,  you guessed it, joy.  She smiles from ear to ear whenever daddy gets in through the door. She will raise her hands a […]

She Made Me Cry

So, yesterday I disciplined my daughter. She was refusing to take her uji (porridge). Lets get things straight, my baby loves food, like her dad. She never gets to eat enough food, like her mum. So, when I saw her refusing to drink porridge, I knew that she was busy dictating the foods she will […]