Now That Kids Want Condoms

Monday’s Daily paper had a headline that sent shivers down many parents spine. We want condoms, teens say, the headline read. To many parents, it came as a shock that many teens did not want any sort of abstinence talk any more, they just wanted protection to be made readily available and it begged so […]

Loving Her Right

“Men seek comfort, confirmation that they are OK. Most men are, at heart, uncertain about themselves. They form a relationship and get married to affirm their place in the world. They learn, they think, how to treat a woman, how to be with her. They call that love. But ultimately it doesn’t seem to work. […]

Gospel Karaoke Night- Old School Time

I should start by saying as a member of Bathroom Singers Association, i would officially like to thank Emerald Events for the gem that is Gospel Karaoke Night. We get to just sing our hearts out, on point or off key. July 6th 2013 was an epic night for Gospel Karaoke. Its not just the […]

Reasons Why Dida Should Be President

I know that there is so much talk to thus far as to who is supposed yo be the President of this country. Eight Presidential candidates have offered themselves to take the mantle from the Baks come March 4th and be the fourth president. Allow me to sidestep the very obvious frontrunners and focus on […]

The Vault- December Edition

For those who know me well, you already know that I love music very much. It is probably the one thing I love more than food. Speaking of food…..wait if I speak about food I will forget what I was about to say. Where was I? Yes… Music. I love music. I cannot say I […]