Getting Started on documenting my life The Journal- Entry 01

Over the past six years, I have been on and off with writing as well as documenting my life to the world. I have shared several stories of how my life has been. The thing is, that’s just the highlights. I shared the days I thought would be really noteworthy or awesome to review.

Not anymore!

I want to have you on the journey with me as I start every single day. I will be dedicating a few minutes of my time each day to share something about that day, no matter how ordinary or mundane it may seem to me.

I am doing this because I see so many people who are thinking that they are on their own. They may think that they are going through doubts alone, or that their story is unique and nobody else could ever understand them. Maybe when you read my stories you will see that there are people who will understand you and there are people going through the same things that you went through.

I hope my ordinary story will inspire you to also do something about your life. I hope that you end up making the decision to stop procrastinating on your talent. That thing that you always wanted to do, wake up and start doing it. You do not have to make a splash on the first day.

I am not doing this for the views or for the shares, definitely not for the money. I want to share my life with you my dear reader. Will you join me on this journey?


Please do. Sign up for notifications, and join me on this awesome journey that I am embarking on.


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