Now That Kids Want Condoms

Monday’s Daily paper had a headline that sent shivers down many parents spine. We want condoms, teens say, the headline read. To many parents, it came as a shock that many teens did not want any sort of abstinence talk any more, they just wanted protection to be made readily available and it begged so many questions?  

How did we get here? 

What did we do wrong? 

What can we do to remedy the situation? 
I will attemot to answer the third question through one simple memory verse I learn while I was in Sunday School. 

‚ÄčTrain up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 KJV

Train – the verb “to train” connotes learning or to educate. When a preset takes the time to educate the child,  the child learns behavior.  We cannot allow ourselves to leave a void of knowledge that we are not filling in the mind of a youngster. They have curious minds. We must always train them. 

-the noun “train” reminds me of how a train has carriages. Carriages are always Lee by the train engine. A child is like a carriage. They follow the engine (parents)  wherever they go. One reason why children are the way they are today, is precisely because they are following the way they are being led by their own parents. As a parent, you have to realise that you are the first compass they have on what is acceptable and permissible. Before a child looks to the world for answers, they have looked at their parents and become unsatisfied with what they are seeing. 

up – This means that there is something/someone is down. Every single child craves to be elevated go a higher level of knowledge. The parent, through experience has a wealth of wisdom they can pass on to the child. The child is like a young eagle in its nest raking out her head waiting for food from mama eagle. As a parent, you must lift the understanding and maturity of a child to a place where they now become respectable Members of society. They are to become an example to their peers as well.  They can only become beacons of hope in their peer groups of they get a good grounding in their own homes.

a child – we must also understand that these are children, not fully grown, not fully developed. Every child has a measure of foolishness embedded in them. So were we when we were their age. Some of us were even worse. The problem is adults keep forgetting that they were once young and stupid as well.  Training should be with love and patience as well.  

in the way– Parents must make the child know that not everything they see outside is right, let alone permitted within their house. There is a way that your child should act or behave. They cannot hold themselves to the standard of others if they want to make it in life. They must know the true way. They need to be shown where to go, and how to live. It’s the parents take work to show the way. 
 he should go: The parent makes the best effort to show the way, and for the time the child cannot make independent decisions, they Must follow the way. When they are old enough to go their way, they decide whether to follow that route or not. A parent cannot force a grownup child to do as they say. They must also allow the child at that time to make the decision for themselves. 

and when he is old– Children grow up. It’s inevitable. They mature with time. Now it’s the parent’s prerogative to make sure that by the time they are old enough to make decisions, they have already been guided. You can only punish a growing child physically but when they are older you have to discipline differently.  Adults usually behave the way they were raised up. It is no wonder that some adults grow up to be entitled and spoilt, because they were raised that way. Others are very responsible and dependable members of society because their parents showed them the essence of being a good and ethical person. 

, he will not depart from it. Usually,  the behavior someone learns in the home is the same they take out in the world. The child will be the same way the parent showed them. 


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