Sorry, I do not do coins-I am a Boda Tycoon

Last evening as I was just alighting at the stage, I saw a boda boda fellow waiting for passengers. He was talking with two of his friends, chatting about God knows what. I motioned to him and asked him to get me to my house. I went ahead and told him that I only had KES 40 instead of the normal KES 50.

He tells me, “We charge KES 50 to that place.” I looked at him, and told him, “But I only have KES 40”. He turns and tells me, “Hiyo haiwezi( I cannot accept that amount)”. I was taken aback, thinking, “What do you mean you CANNOT take KES 40? Is my money not real money? Is my KES 40 not enough to get you to serve me? I did not know that you were rich enough to sit and just start refusing coins from customers.
He turns and goes back to his friends and sits down, and then one of the two who were afar asks what “that man” wanted, and he explains that I did not have enough money for the ride.
I think to myself, why do they think they won? Did he leave his home just to sit there engaging in small talk about nothing and yet money is just slipping through their fingers.
I walked home slowly up that hill thinking to myself, ” What a difference my KES 40 would have done for him.”
Just like many employees, he does only what is required by the employer. I wish he had thought that moment through. If he had dreams of being a millionaire, he would have been KES 999,960 away from his goal.
He is supposed to give say KES 500 to the owner at end of day, the rest of the money is his. Can he not see I am trying to add some more money into his pocket?
Maybe I should start a boda boda training course on how to be a millionaire as a Boda Boda employee.
Come to think of it, boda boda is a great resource but a great sore as well. Another one of them just goes through the dusty road like he is training to go for Grand Prix. The dust in my eyes I am coughing and cursing at the same time. That’s just about the greatest multi-tasking ever.
Boda Boda
In the meantime, I think again of the long walk home. Then again, I am listening to Gangland by Lecrae, I got to the house in a few minutes.
He sits and thinks, “SOrry I do not do coins, I only do notes. I am a boda boda tycoon”.



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