Declaring My Wealth-in USD

The original post was on another blog I was making use of before coming back here. I hope you like it. It is up to date as at December 2015. I will do a follow up soon. Enjoy.  

​There has been a lot of talk of wealth and poverty declaration recently, and as a husband and daddy I wanted to declare my wealth or the lack thereof publicly.

Staki mtu anione na iPhone 6Plus aanze eti, “Oh, sijui eti Illuminati this guy can’t afford such things,” na nyef nyef mob tu.
Bob Collymore declared his wealth in USD and I have also decided I will not disappoint my fans. Ni muhimu kutumia SI unit in my declaration as well. 
I was hoping to also attach my receipts and bank statements as attachments, but for those I think I will only submit when asked by EACC,wait they may want to arrest me like they threatened RAO. 
In wealth declaration, it is important to note that if I owe you money I will not declare it here, since I’m just hoping that you forget the debt itself, or that Pontifex prayed for you to be forgiving we will sort each other in the coming financial year. It is expected that I will use accounting jargon here, kindly check the official Miriam Webster dictionary for some of the explanations. 
Of my incomes, I declare $9600 annual employment income, of this the government steals,  ordinarily takes about 30%, which is $2880 of that. My landlord takes about $1440 annually as rent. Hopefully, next year, I can rearrange that and get a house of my own. Next, it’s Chama, that’s a minimum of $100 per month, that’s $1200 a year. So far, expenses are at $5520. That leaves $5080. My SACCO loan requires payment of $40 per month, that’s $480, leaving me with $4600.
Each month, I have an expense of about $50 for shopping, $60 on transport, $100 on baby’s diapers, $30 on airtime, $35 on eat-outs, credit card dues are at $90 which gives monthly expenditure of $365 and $4380 a year.
My income is at $220 as at this point for the whole year. This is about $20 a month. Truth be told, I haven’t seen this amount and it’s already December.
Have I mentioned that there are regular checkups for baby? How could I forget that wifey needs a salon visit every 14 days?
At this rate, I should file for Section 11 of the American Bankruptcy Act like 50 Cent did, so that all guys whose debts I have forget the debts.

Whats your worth?

I am seriously contemplating getting into business.


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