The Kisii Road Accident- The Aftermath

The news comes rushing in so fast about  these deaths. Photos of a selfie with beautiful girls heading to Kisii for the time of their lives. They are heading for a great white party event.
None of them thought that would be their last ever road trip.

Kenyatta University is in mourning, families are crying. Mothers with white handkerchiefs all drenched with the tears of a loss that no words could fully explain. 
The loss of a child cannot be adequately articulated in words. Is there even a word that can explain the cloud of grief that envelops us?
Its not even in our current vocabulary.  Seriously,  how do you adequately explain the cruelty of death?

There is a boyfriend who won’t see his baby anymore.  He didn’t want her to go,  but she insisted. He couldn’t understand why she had to go.  He probably even blames himself.

A girl is devastated that her brother is lying on a mortuary table lifeless.  He had called her Friday morning,  wishing her all the best as she went for her mid-semester exam.  She sits at the foot of her bed,  no voice coming out,  tears filling her face.  Her mascara is already overrun,  and she cannot even notice that she has been pulling her hair and is already bleeding. 

A father looks at his phone.  His daughter told him that they had a last-minute Geography class trip they had to take. She needed 20K for the trip.  “Dad,  I can’t miss the trip. Our lecturer said… ” she sobbed via text. He had sent the cash,  and he recalled telling her to b3 careful and she had gleefully replied,  “Of course I will dad,  usinione kama mtoto, Don’t think I am a small child”;
She can’t believe he is still being so patronizing. 

Mum is recalling the fact that she had a missed call from her daughter. She had been busy washing the clothes,  and hadn’t picked it up.  They always spoke every day.  She knew every possible thing about her daughter’s life. As she sat on her couch,  now she was not sure any more. What else did she not know?

She looked at the WhatsApp status of her daughter and saw the initials Y. O. L. O. What did that mean? The pretty face on that profile photo was smiling,  probably her very last smile. She wonders what her daughter must have gone through in those last moments.  Did she remember that her family loved her? Was she okay with God?

As the news stations called in pundits and youth experts to explain about who was to blame for the level of moral decay,  nobody cared to actually care about the bereaved. The nation locked in on the tears that the family shed,  saying how they felt the family’s agony. 

The sanctimonious preacher talked about this being one of the characteristics of the end times. He spoke of hell fire and how everyone should come to his church for some anointing oil and live according to how the Israelites did, “because that is God’s plan for you”. He spoke with conviction you felt he could sell an Eskimo some ice.

The government man in charge of Transport promises a look at the state of road accidents. He hints at the fact that the Police should install more alco-blow points in and near big social events. He even bans the next  three events that are to be held in that area,  all in the name of keeping the youth safe.   A Commission is quickly formed called Kisii Transport Problem Commission and its led by a retired Driver from the Cabinet Secretary’s village.  Their mandate is to investigate this matter thoroughly. 

The Government gives 20, 000 towards funeral expenses and promises to foot all bills.
It’s all in the effort to care about the normal mwananchi.  The big Government guy promises to bring down the accident rates with better legislation.  He will also sign a Bill that introduces higher fines to traffic offenders.

At the funeral,  every politician is gathered.  They are still going to talk about how its the Opposition’s fault or the Government’s fault that the accident happened. It just depends in what side you lean politically.  They speak for a few minutes,  well in real sense they take over the program.  One speaks,  and the next bashes him on how shallow his argument is.

As the coffin is being lowered,  tears are flowing down cheeks of the family and classmates.
So,  now her Facebook profile gets converted to “In Remembrance of… ” and her Instagram is filled with RIP comments next to her selfie photos.  The likes on those photos goes higher than they ever have ever gone before.

So many declare how they will miss her and yet,  tomorrow they will forget her.

Only family truly understands the loss.

PS: This is dedicated to all the families that lost a loved one. May their souls rest in peace.


6 thoughts on “The Kisii Road Accident- The Aftermath

  1. Truly deep and considerate Mumo, I hope it will touch a soul. It touched mine, and yes, the families need shoulders to cry on. Not judges.

    1. I appreciate the kind words Sandy. My heart went out to all these families and I hope that we all say a prayer for each family. The loss is unbearable and only family understands.

  2. that’s deep, I couldn’t find sleep because of the graphic images no one has to go through that the devil is a liar

    1. Kirema, lets pray completely for the families. We may not fully understand their anguish, but we should be there for them.

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