At The Friday Night Rave

It’s a Friday night and you head out with your friends to your local to have a few drinks.

As a young man, you think of the many girls will be at your disposal. You reminisce the one you got last week. 
As a lady,  you convince yourself that you will know he is very interested in you with the number of drinks he passes your nway. 
The lady in her best makeup and the man with the loaded wallet,  they say,  “You can only know you had fun,  when you can’t explain to your parents what you did”. 

10pm, and the drinks begin flowing.  The lady in his lap,  with his arms around her waist-trained waist.  Small talk here and there and everyone is having a blast. 

By midnight or 1am, they are as high as the Eiffel Tower.  The lady in her Mini-Price mini skirt, moving through the club groping through the endless darkness. 

She probably doesn’t fully know what’s been planned for her. He on the other hand,  is pretty much sober.  He holds her groping at her, visibly excited about the prospects of this night. 

By the time they get to his place,  she has been slipping in and out of consciousness. The events at his house are obvious to all and sundry. 

She probably doesn’t fully get whats happening. 



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