The Man And The Chase

The mind of a man is wired to do the chase.

A man’s ego is stroked when he pursues the lady of his affection. 

Only old lions eat meat from an already dead lion.  So,  ladies,  don’t be the one who looks for him or hunts him.  This is usually the the start of a dysfunctional relationship. The hunter usually sets the standard for the whole story.

When you like a man,  as a lady it’s very easy to accept him without any proper vetting. 

In casual talk,  engage the man in discussion about what his future plans are.  You don’t want to get into a house where there is no definite plan for things. 
What is his five year plan,  ten year plan.  If he were to get married to a lady (hypothetically speaking), what’s the plan he has to sustain that. 

Since you are talking as friends,  he will be free to tell you his honest opinion.  You can get into details as you go into the first date. 

Play hard to get girl.  You aren’t just like other girls.  If he wanted other girls,  he would be those ones.  His eyes are on you.  Let him prove himself.  That’s why peacocks display their majestic tail feathers,  so that the female can see he is the one. 

In truth,  this is the only decision the lady will make on her own.  The choice of whether or not to date this guy.  So,  the choice should be made soberly.

Don’t throw yourself at his feet.  The hunter was on his way out,  and he finds the prey at his doorstep begging to be slaughtered.  He will slaughter and then go the woods to hunt another deer.  Then he carries that deer and that’s what he will cook for dinner that night. 

Do you think the lady is allowed to pursue her object of affection?


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