First Quarter of 2015: Review on Migration, Condoms and Namwamba

2015 so far2015

Just this past week I was complaining about the ills of our country. The world oil prices came down. Hurrah! for that. At least our petrol prices are lower than they have ever been for the past ten or so years. Njoki Chege would have a fit if she saw all the Subarus that are all out at this moment on our roads.

Digital Migration

So for the past three or so weeks, the “Big 4” television stations decided to rob us of the opportunity to see their programs. The Jubilee Government may have switched off the analog signals thank God for that!  but the stations went ahead and switched their digital signals off too. So, the people who loved La Muher De Alehandro and Vioja Korokoroni missed their programs. For me, well, I could not help but wonder what the advertisers were discussing behind closed doors. There are companies that were about to launch their products during prime time sessions of broadcasting who were unable to do so. You see, I know people didn’t miss news that much,since news always come from Facebook and Twitter anyway. For the exception of people like Verah Okeyo who I daily see looking for news, I don’t have any idea of what the Janet Mbuguas journalists of Television stations were doing during that time.

Digital 1

What saddened me was the fact that those wananchi like me who couldn’t afford a set-top box ( the initial reason why they were insisting to stay on the analog signals) was supposed to watch their one hour bulletins online!!!! What incredulous mind, apart from that of Queen Antoinette would reason like that. So, like in the middle ages, since we could not afford bread, we ought to have bought cakes.

The Digital Migration move is good for this country. Of course a lot still needs to be done to enable content providers get their content out to the masses. As it stands, broadcasting stations pay over Kes. 100,000 each month to the likes of Pang and Signet to have a channel. Its business, understandably, but wouldn’t it be cool to see Korogocho TV, UoN TV, Stanbic TV, Braeburn TV and the like on our screens at a price that costs them less than an arm and a leg.

Condoms for Kids

This I will not say anything, but quote my friend Richard on this one

The other day, President Kenyatta launched the Condoms for Kids campaign. He noted that HIV/AIDS is the leading number one killer among adolescents in Africa, and the second globally among that segment of population, and that less than 25% of adolescents know their status. Predictably, parents, teachers and moralists are up in arms crying foul, that there are more urgent priorities (Laptops for kids, meals, class rooms etc) than availing condoms to adolescents.

Any parent that has buried an adolescent because of HIV/AIDS will tell you that the president’s action is one life too late, it should have happened earlier. I am for sex education anytime anywhere anyhow.

Our Imams, Priests, ministers, preachers, teachers have long-lost the plot on this one. A nation is only as good as its preachers, (a very poor score for us if the social ills of corruption, greed and AIDS is any yardstick). The only little sex they ever talk about is when frothing at the mouth yelling and shouting against fornication and/or adultery, and how that the offenders will roast in some hell fire for eons.

Do they ever teach about sex education in their pulpits or sacred desks? Have you heard one lately, if ever? Shouldn’t such a scourge that costs our national coffers so much in cents and blood demand the President’s attention if not action? Isn’t it criminal on his part to join the rest of the citizenry in burying their heads in the sand and gleefully assuming that the scourge will pass? Haven’t we the parents long-lost this plot? Is sex education part of the dinner table conversation at home, that’s assuming that they even eat together with the family? Hasn’t sex education been left, in most homes, to house helps who teach it practically?

I agree with the President 100%. Let kids have condoms. They’re already sexing anyway. The notion that what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you is not a sensible strategy to adopt in this matter (many find out too late at the burial site of their loved ones). On an economic front, condoms are way cheaper than administering ARV (which costs the government several billion shillings every year). Prevention is better than cure, and if a little rubber will keep my son/daughter safe, so be it. Before we talk morality, have we taught about sex education? In fact, if I was the Cabinet Secretary for education, I’d demand sex education be taught a minimum three sessions a week. The effects and consequences are way more hurtful than failure to understand Mathematics (for many of you will affirm from experience that Pythagoras theorem hasn’t benefited you much, but sex has). Condoms any day. Teenage sex is already bad enough, dying from it (HIV/AIDS) is criminal, evil and utter irresponsibility. Sex shouldn’t kill anyone.

This was also an interesting point of view from EpikKenyan.

Ababu Namwamba and the PAC

It is not even surprising that there is corruption in the August House, who didn’t know that there is corruption there!!! The August House, no matter how honorable they claim to be, have been at the center of the biggest scandals that plague this country every day.

The normal Mwananchi was faced with Ndrama AKA Vindeo when the same people who had already intimated that they were voting Ababu Namwamba out went ahead and voted for him to stay as Chair of the PAC. The powers that be, of course, aren’t happy with the situation.So when the Speaker suspended the whole committee and will, I can fully predict, oust Ababu out after their findings, you can see the games being played.

I fear to wonder what’s really happening in the shadows as we concentrate on this cock and bull story. These guys are in the high-end bars drowning one or two, wondering what Kenyans really need before they get really pissed off with the corruption that plagues this government.

So, what’s happened in 2015 for you?


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