The Social Media Warrior

The recent past has seen a huge rise in social media frenzy that has not gone unnoticed. From

the time when Nigeria “attacked” Kenya to the time that CNN fabricated a video of militia men in

training in Kenya, the social scene has been very busy. Every waking day, there is a new topic,

a new trend in the city of Nairobi. There is always a topic to discuss, someone to criticize and

someone to praise.

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The kawaida Kenyan on Twitter, popularly known as #KOT has had his (universally also

including the female gender) share of melodrama. Every day, there is a new topic, with the

most current being the “exposure by Ngilu of who were the brains behind the Lang’ata Primary

scandal. She said that Four Singh were the people behind the scam. Mostly unknown names

in political circles, the news of these men left more questions than answers in the eyes of


Memes were created, quotes made up and the #KOT was at it again. Check out

#NgiluSinghJokes poking fun at the fact that all Kenyans have a feeling they already know who

the REAL Weston Hotel owner is, but the government cannot just name and shame a big fish.

The owner is known and unknown at the same time, but if you dare speak his name out loud,

you risk jail time, and accusations of inciting violence and promoting tribalism. This has become

the go-to option for the current government. My question each day, “How is Moses Kuria still

enjoying his freedom? Why hasn’t the government not stepped in with the fury that they did

against Wadi Allan? Why was Abraham Mutai caught in the first place? Can’t the government of

the day actually encourage the citizens to hold them accountable? In a nutshell, that’s what the

average blogger and Kenyan wants to do. I voted for you (even if I voted for someone else) and

I expect a lot from you.

Jokes aside though, after the Singh jokes and the memes, what next? The day when Boniface

Mwangi led #OccupyPlayGround, what was the rest of #KOT doing? When the children at LA

Primary School were busy bringing down the walls of the Private Developer to access their

playground, where was the average #KOT?

I will tell you where, behind that laptop, tablet, PC and smartphone tweeting all about it. Some

of the people were on Boniface’s side, while others condemned him for “using” children to fight

their battles. They are warriors with armor of screens and swords of keyboards throwing darts at

every passing comment that comes their way. Anything in the newsfeed or in the news is fodder

for a tweef.

People like Dennis Itumbi will tell you that it was a bad move to “use” kids in the demo.

Boniface, on the other hand, says that the demo, with children was perhaps the best thing to

ever happen to civil activism in this country.

The Boniface Mwangis of this country are what this nation needs. This is my rationale, if Hon.

Orengo had never been chased out of a 64 stadium rally in the year 2000 by the government

of the day, he probably would have never been really known by his people. Fifteen years later,

he is a senator and you will now see him on the streets protesting or declaring mass action like

Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o always preferred. He will be at conferences addressing the media. He

will criticize the government of the day while in his custom made suit. In other words, his time on

the streets is already over. He is already in the Promised Land.

The tweets and retweets will not save our country. Actions will. The Arab Uprising did not start

and end on Twitter. It was only organized on Twitter, but they still stormed the city streets and

made protests. They endured the policemen brutality, but the fact is the Egyptian government

came down.

Kenya needs you and me to stand against the ills of this country without fear. The intellectual

Kenyan should get off the high horse and get to the streets to change things. This country will

not change, unless I change. Unless I change my way of thinking and actions, this country is

doomed. The transformation for this country will only come when the outrage spills past the

keyboard keys and into the Nairobi streets.

Until the government does more than open a new road, and actually enforce road safety, we

are not going anywhere. Until Kenyans are guarded with as much security as is accorded

those within the UN Nairobi walls, insecurity will remain as is. Unless the MP, Senator, MCA,

Governor lower their pay and we increase the pay of the teacher, it will not be business as


So, let me get to the streets and abandon the Social Media warrior Mode.

Check out an interesting article on the same.

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