My Security Amendments Bill (2015)

Freedom of Speech vs Freedom to Speak Whatever You Wish.

My biggest question at this moment is this, why is Lt. Wadi in prison, and Moses Kuria is still walking scot free? What is the definition of hate speech?

Do people want to be told what to do? Do people want to rule themselves?

Inspired by Julian Assange from
Inspired by Julian Assange from

As a supporter of this government, I must say that we are indeed living in difficult times. I know courts are even formulating precedents each day due to the development of social media. Soon, we will see a Social Media Act (a process in futility, nonetheless), so that the govt can try to envelop all acts considered sacrilege by this regime.

Albeit there is a major flaw, the govt that said they would work with the opposition to make this country better place is doing the exact opposite.

The govt is using the proverbial tyranny to impose upon the people whatever law it believes its citizens needs or wants. From both sides people will stand and say their points pro and anti any law that is passed in Parliament. The recent passing of the Amendments to the Security Act is a win for nobody. Do people in Mandera feel safer or better protected since then. Does the govt have a plan to increase security, or are they just looking for ways to infringe rights of the people.

The opposition is not better, anyway. In their “quest” (and I use that word very loosely) to get amendments quashed by the courts, they have gone ahead and politicized the whole Bill. Nobody is talking about why Kapedo and Westgate and others happened.

Someone talk to me about making sure our women are safe from deranged touts and idle men, someone talk to me about how innocent Kenyan Somalis don’t get harassed on Kenyan streets just because their name us Abdi. I recently saw a post about a Somali lady who was, admittedly harassed, by a group of ladies who called her a terrorist just because she decided to wear a hijab, as her religion directs. These are the same people who some time back were fighting for the rights of women to wear whatever they were comfortable in. When did such form of religious idiocy and holier-than-thou attitude have merit in a country that boasts to be one of the most advanced societies in Africa. If this Africa, then the blonde Americans might as well be right, its all just a jungle in Africa, no civilization. Maybe I should start wearing a T-shirt that declares, “I am Not A Terrorist” in solidarity with the majority of Somalis who are going about trying to make a decent meal for their families.


I am tired of all the politicking. I am tired of the bickering. I am tired of all the ass kissery going on and the sycophancy characterized by the staunchest of supporters on both sides of the Divide.
The biggest problem with this country at this particular moment is not Al-Shabaab, it’s not the recent attacks in our borders. Its deeper than that. It’s in the hearts of every one of us. Whenever a person speaks ill of your side, you turn around and tell them, “We are going to be in power for the next 100 years”. Is that an appropriate comment? The same problems a Jubilee supporter goes through are the same ones a CORD person goes through. Are we going to wait for a tragedy to bring us together? We do a Kenyans for Kenyans when a tragedy strikes and like the hypocrites that we then go ahead and forget just what brought us together.

This photo is the property of Julius Yego.
This photo is the property of Julius Yego.

Why is it that we cheer for Ezekiel Kemboi, McDonald Mariga, Julius Yego, Catherine Ndereba and others as Kenyans, but the same patriotism cannot apply to the job market and tendering process as it should? These men and women are not from the same tribe, and we all admit that not all tribes can have the same success in sports. Why is it that in our politics, someone has to be from a particular pat of the country in order to be accepted by the society as a national leader? It is hypocrisy of the highest order. Why does someone, and many of us are guilty of this, go to the ballot and waste their vote by voting for their tribesman? DOES YOUR HOUSE HAVE MORE FOOD THAN THAT OF YOUR POLITICAL RIVAL’S SUPPORTERS? DO YOU GET TAX EXEMPTIONS? DO YOUR CHILDREN STUDY FOR FREE? DO YOU GET BETTER MEDICAL CARE? WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND A SUPPORTER OF YOUR POLITICAL RIVAL COMES WITH A BUCKET OF WATER, SHOULD THEY TRY AND POUR IT ON YOUR HOUSE? I realize I have just been shouting, but dear Kenyans, maybe I should shout.

Why is it that a Kenyan such as myself have to bribe a police officer so that they can do their job, the job they are paid albeit a smaller salary than I believe they deserve  to do. It is a shame, if our court system will be the new arena that our politicians take their battles of how big their wieners are to. They will glory in the fact that they have won one against the other side. How many people have to die before we finally realize that a leader is supposed to lead, not just do things that help him gain political capital.

My point is this;

1. We get the leadership we deserve. Over 12 million out of a possible 14 million eligible voters voted in 2013 for a new regime. A resounding 50% +1 voted for the Jubilee government, that means that close to another 6 million voted for other candidates. It would do well for the government to sit down with the leaders of other political outfits in the media limelight and talk out issues, just like they did when they were literally begging for our votes. Can we get to question all our leaders, in and out of government on matters of policy?

2. The opposition should get its act in order. Its enough that we have a government perceived to be forcing laws down our throats, its worse that the apparent watchdog is licking its nether region. It behoves the Former Prime Minister to get his political house in order, before he can start saying what the government is doing wrong. In truth, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I believe the Prime Minister should have allowed the Homa Bay people choose whoever they wished. I thought elections were for the people and by the people not the Executive kitchen committee that listens to everything the leader says.

3. Listen to differing opinions. Just because I am not a Jubilee supporter does not mean I do not have a valid point to make. It makes little or no sense to keep reminding someone that you won or that you are their master, reminds me of someone well I should just leave it at that for another day above all things, it is a sign of insecurity in the position you currently hold. If you are an opposition member, it’s always good to give credit where credit is due. Speak out without fear or favor where something ain’t right, because at the end of the day, I want to leave this country in good hands. I want this country better than I found it.

Okay, maybe now it’s time to wish you all a happy New Year 2015.


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