Forgiving the Unforgiven One Part One

Hi guys, its been so long….well, too long if you ask me. I have stayed so far from the keyboard, so far from this blog. Each day I always blamed one thing after the other. “I don’t have the time, I don’t have a juicy story to tell, I dont this, I dont that….”

Usually, I should already be asleep,  logged out of Whatsapp for the night and here I am in bed but I can’t find sleep yet. Note to self, no more sleeping in the afternoons ever again, no matter how bored you are.
I was scrolling a friend’s profile, that led me to another friend, that led me to resend a friend request to her sister, then to a third profile like Facebook wants to finish my MBs and I stumble onto the wonderful blog post by Sharon of Just Me, check it out here.
She tells her story of how she met her love and the story is beautiful and it got me thinking about forgiveness.
When in campus I hate to admit I was naughty. Always thirsty for the thrill of the chase, almost always never really ready to set down roots and commit.
One day I looked back and I saw all the carcases laying along the road I had rampaged through.
So many girls, I felt, used to look at me and curse. I thought some even started crying to God to strike me down. I know God is forgiving and I asked Him to forgive me, I tried and sought restitution with the ones I could. Others would slam the door in my face not that I didn’t deserve it .
I had to do it, seek forgiveness, that is. I couldn’t bare the thought that someone somewhere was in anguish because of me.
Thats why I went to all of them to seek forgiveness….

(to be continued)


4 thoughts on “Forgiving the Unforgiven One Part One

  1. This is a great article you know all those trail of broken hearts you live behind will catch up with you at some point in life and asking for forgiveness was the best way forward and God is gonna be with you. He has forgiven you all the best

    1. Thanks Grace. I think what stops us most times is pride. We look at ourselves and think,”Why am I gene bothering to ask for forgiveness? I answer only to God.” This attitude is what stops us from being blessed by God

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