Fond Memories

She looked on as he went and could not help but contemplate how she was going to survive,

He wanted her to know that she was special to him and that their love forever be alive,

It would revive every single day and they would have new things tomorrow to say,

They pray that the past would not fade like the footsteps in the sand after an altissimo tide,

But they would ever think about each other and their inner feelings would constantly abide,
In their hearts they would have fond memories of each other and the love that they knew they shared.

I was standing a far off wondering how to start,

A conversation with a sophisticated lady, eloquence is a must,

Articulate the facts and pacts are signed in the twinkling of an eye,

By and by the past failures cloud the sight and

I might not greet her today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe…

I walked and saw him in a distance,

I noticed that in his hands he had a hoe, but standing in a stance,

He looked all manly and mature in the clad he had,

I wish I knew his name,

Oops! He saw me, I feel trapped like cornered game,

Anyway if he does not greet me then it’s himself that he should blame,


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