Happy New Year

Its a new year,  meaning I need to make some new resolutions, as are all of you out there.

First though,  I have missed all of you. Its been quite a while since I sat down to write about anything, frankly. Well, I hope I am forgiven.

Secondly, being a new year I will strive to pen something every often. Lately, watching the news around me there is so much that’s going on and I am tired of just complaining to myself. I would like to have a conversation with you and let’s make changes to our society one person at a time. Its an uphill task,  but I hear the view from the mountain top is well worth it. Its just the same way a mother wails in pain while givong borth, but once the baby pops, she forgets all her pain, celebrating the newborn.

My resolution this year is summarized thus: NO MORE FEAR. For me, its been a while since I got to make sure I was doing something I love, but this year I will splash till I am seen and reckoned with.

What’s your resolution this year?

PS: My pal Gwako started http://www.crazyafricans.blogspot.com/ and it is slowly but surely morphing into another Ghafla.


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