Gospel Karaoke Night- Old School Time

I should start by saying as a member of Bathroom Singers Association, i would officially like to thank Emerald Events for the gem that is Gospel Karaoke Night. We get to just sing our hearts out, on point or off key.
July 6th 2013 was an epic night for Gospel Karaoke. Its not just the fact that

I attended not that it makes it epic, but it helped but it was the first open mic Gospel Karaoke Night. The first had http://twitter.com/adawnage as the spotlight artiste amd the second had Kambua. So having guys sing any gospel song they knew was quite interesting.
The competition was for the promise of an audio recording opportunity with Ogopa Deejays. They are a music powerhouse that of course needs no introduction.


The night, despite hitches here and there, was relatively successful. In truth, the change of venue also boosted the ante on the night.
Gospel Karaoke this time around is going a notch higher my fellow bathroom singers.


This is old shool themed night. We come dressed old school style. We and that does not necessarily mean I will get on stage get to sing the LOCAL songs that we grew up listening to, such as those done by Rufftone, DJ Josh, Milele, Mary Atieno, Kassangas and the like. The condition is that the song should be pre-2008.


The prize is to die for. An audio recording opportunity from Ogopa Deejays. They decided that someone else should get the same chance to get into the music industry like Moses (who won the July edition) got. It gets even better, Safaricom have also decided to put their weight behind Gospel Karaoke Night and are giving away prizes to participants. Don’t be shocked if someone walks away with a Samsung Galaxy S4, just saying.
So, come to Petma Restaurant on Kimathi Street on September 7th 2013. Its right opposite KFC. Come at 7pm, pay only Ksh. 200 as entry fee, register early so that you can sing and have a good time. Display your bathroom singing prowess,  as we plan to have a shower overhead. This is meant for those like us who want to sound pitch perfect.

Rufftone, Mr. Iggy Iggy himself will grace the event and Moses(Karaoke July winner) is going to release his debut single at the same event. He will probaly also tell us his stage name so that we don’t just call him Moses hivi hivi tu kimala mala.


You could join the likes of Juliani, Daddy Owen, VKP, Mr. Seed and others who have worked with the pros at Ogopa.

If you are chosen as the old school dresser, you may just be the lucky winner of a hamper.

The photos on this post are courtesy of Smilez Photography.

For more info follow


Emerald Events Kenya


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