Reasons Why Dida Should Be President

I know that there is so much talk to thus far as to who is supposed yo be the President of this country. Eight Presidential candidates have offered themselves to take the mantle from the Baks come March 4th and be the fourth president. Allow me to sidestep the very obvious frontrunners and focus on one very special member of the aspirant group. He goes by the name Mohamed Abdooba Dida. He is the flagbearer of the Alliance for Real Change (ARK) I know I am also thinking,”You are very sure its nit ARC? Prior to the date of clearance by Isaak Hassan and IEBC, the only people who knew about his candidature were his immediate family and strategy team. A fortnight ago, he was the darling of many Kenyans with his interesting pphilosphies on several matters , in a very comical way. After the second debate, I am now more than ever convinced that he deserves the seat of Presidency. These reasons outlined below are the main reasons why I think he should be elected President. 1. No Scandal: Of all the Presidential Candidates, he is truly the only one without a scandal to his name. While it vould be attributable to not being in leadership, he has a clean bill of health in my book. I want a President without any debts or charges of any sort. 2. Common man Approach: When you listen to Dida speak, you can see the frustration of the mwananchi in him. His struggle has been one that you and I as ordinary Kenyan. He spoke on the wage bill inequalities and his own experience as a teacher in North Eastern. You can surely feel that love he has for his people. 3. His leadership is legendary. Dida was a teacher, unknown to the world, and in an instant, he has become the talk of the country. In my opinion, he could be the seasoning that was amiss. In an issue based country, he would be a front runner for the post, probably the man to beat. His suggestions, laced with a comic feel hold so much sense when you take some time to truly ponder them. 4. The light touch that stings: During the first debate, he is hailed to have come up with the third rule of eating. He advised Kenyans to “not vote for him, but vote for the best” All in all, Dida is an ordinary man like the rest of us, speaks in a language that’s understandable and makes us see the true picture. Like Hon. Dida says,”Vote for the best”


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