The Vault- December Edition

For those who know me well, you already know that I love music very much. It is probably the one thing I love more than food. Speaking of food…..wait if I speak about food I will forget what I was about to say. Where was I? Yes… Music. I love music. I cannot say I love only one type of music, because it is not uncommon for me to have a playlist that goes from Stamp On It by Sherwin Gardner to Nzambi na Bomoyi by Makoma. I adore music. It is the one thing that moves me from having a foul mood and three minutes and fifty six seconds later, I am jumping to the words of Wateule, a crunk song I did with Carlisto and Marvo, which you can download from here.

Hip-hop is my home.  From the likes of Robot by TripLee to the slow, heavy crunk in Xpo’s new song Jericho ( which I honestly have on my favorites playlist right now), I can listen to hip-hop all day and night (while I am downloading Fringe and Revenge of course). My love for hip-hop has just been blessed with the conception of the newest hip-hop gig in town by the name Vault.

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This event promises to be bigger and better than Volume 1. (Haitahitaji uambiwe, “Kama inabamba sana, wapi nduru?) You will have already been screaming at the top of your lungs.

Here is an excerpt of the #Revault press release.

The Vault Volume: 2

The 2nd Edition will be held on Sunday the 16th of December 2012 at the Abondoz Restaurant Roof top that is situated at the Luther Plaza, along Uhuru highway opposite the central park as from 2pm to 8pm; this edition dubbed ‘the roof top party’ is set to be a Christmas party that all Hip hop fans will remember for a long time.

The 1st Edition was held in October 2012 at the Kenya National and was an instant hit, with performances by some of the best hip hop artists in Kenya, some of them include Maluda, S.P.A.T, Kelele Takatifu, H3, Dan-gee, Nasara the poet among others.

The 2nd Edition will have one of Kenya’s pioneer hip hop artist and multiple award winner Holy Dave perform as the Focus artist of the day, Holy Dave is widely known for hits such as not a joke, Niko na reason, press on and his recent runaway hit Ni Msoh. He will also be sharing about his life, journey and music ministry.

Other performing artists include: veteran poet Number 8, Signature, Treble, B4C, G-Cho Pevu, Alex Newnique and TIO. On the wheels of steel will be the Vault’s official deejay Ken Tha DJ backed by one of the leading Gospel Hip hop deejays in Kenya, the one and only Deejay Gee Gee of the Tri Crew.

This Edition of the Vault is proudly sponsored by Butterfly Republic, CPR Radio, Kelele Republic, Epic Concepts and X-hoodz Entertainment.

If you are a hip hop enthusiastic, come bang your head to your favorite tunes mixed by your favorite Deejays. If you are not a hip hop fan, come hear what the best in hip hop have to offer as you enjoy the energetic performances, the beautiful view of Nairobi from a roof top, great food, great company and some Barbeque.

The Vault, end the year in style. Let’s Vault again. #Revault. We highly appreciate for your time, Thank you.


Things to remember:

What: The Vault- December Edition (Re-Vault)

When: December 16th 2012 2 to 8pm.

Where: Abondoz Restaurant Roof top; Luther Plaza, along Uhuru Highway opposite Central Park (Check Google Maps)

Featuring: Holy Dave (Artiste on focus), among others.

Entrance Fee: Two One Hundred Notes/ One Two Hundred Shilling Note.

Why: Because hip-hop music glorifies Jesus and Jesus is our focus.

Perks: Food, fun, fellowship, and last but not least food (oops, I had said food)



You see, by now I should have convinced you to join me as I travel all the way from M-Andei to attend this magnificent event. See you there.

the vault december edition copy

For more information, be sure to check these links out.



The Event page:




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