Just Because Oprah Said It

I was just browsing up and down my Facebook news-feed this evening, when I cam across a video of Obama mocking the Bible and Christianity long before he even became President. After watching it, I stumbled upon a video of Oprah saying all the wrong things and that is my focus today.

Suppose I told you that you do not need to follow the instructions engineers come up with to build a house it would still be safe to stay inside once it is finished? Suppose I told you that I am not a competent driver but I will still get you to the right destination safe and sound? Suppose I told you that the sun rose from the west and not from the east like you learn in school? Suppose I told you that if jumped out of a fourth floor window you would not even get hurt at all?

The question is: Would you believe me?

Now, answer these questions and imagine that it is Oprah suggesting all these things to you. Does this change the truth behind the fact that if a house is not built according to the engineer’s instructions it will come tumbling down? If Oprah was not a certified driver and she told you, “Hey, do not worry, I am Oprah, I can get you there”. Would that make you feel any safer about arriving to your destination? Does this change the fact that if you jump out of that fourth floor window, you will break your neck?

The simple answer is: NO!

People, Oprah is NOT God. Oprah is human, believe it or not. She is just a human who, like many who have found fame and glory, thinks that she can tell the world what they can believe in. Well, guess what Oprah, I am saying that you are wrong.

You see, the first thing that many of us need to understand is the fact that just because Oprah said it, does not make it true. Who made her the monopoly of knowledge? So, if she says that we are all fools for going to school and we should concentrate on our own knowledge inside and that we are the knowledge of the earth, will we all just abandon all of this, just because she said so? I know many of us love her and hang on to her every word, but the fact of the matter is that she is wrong on this one.

She says that they cannot be just one way to heaven. She is definitely wrong. This is like saying, if you want to go east, you do not really have to go east, and you can head west and still end up East. You can stay at the same spot and still end up at the destination you had planned to go. She is saying there are many truths. There is no lie. Yes, your teacher in primary school was wrong to beat you, there is no wrong done, you were just on a different truth from the one that the teacher had.

To Oprah, she says that there is more than one path other than Christianity. Is it a coincidence that she did not attack any religion apart from the religion of Christianity? It is no coincidence. Christianity is the only religion that promises a better life after this one, it is the only one that can answer the pertinent question: “What happens after death?” It is the only religion that traverses time. It is the oldest religion ever recorded. It is the one religion that historians and believers both agree has had the biggest influence on world events.

She says man made God in his own image. What? I made God? So Osama also made God? So Hitler also made God? Who am I to make God? GOD MADE MAN. That is the only way it has been and that is the way it is and it certainly is the way it shall always be. Man is finite, he is prone to error, and we are all physically and emotionally different, but God is infinite, immeasurable, beyond even our wildest imaginations. He made us in His image, but we lost something at the fall and this is a part of us that only Jesus Christ was able to restore us back to right standing with God. God is perfection and the only way we can be able to stand before Him is when Christ bridges the gap between us.

Then she calls herself a Christian. Oprah is NOT a Christian. Christians know that is the center of the religion. He is the one we know came to forgive our sins and make us righteous before God. Christians know that believing in God and Christ are the core tenets of faith. Without faith we are all lost and we have no hope for the future. It is faith that makes you get into a bus and sleep knowing that the driver is fully licensed to carry passengers, and that he will be careful on the road and that you will reach your destination with no qualms. Faith is what makes you get a contractor to build you a house and you move into it after it’s done. It is faith that makes you buy a ready-made house whose builder you never met. Yes, whether we know it or not, whether we believe it or not, we ALL have faith.

In closing let us guard our faith jealously, and let us read our Bibles well. A torn Bible is usually a well-read Bible.

Now that you have heard about Oprah, Joel Osteen and Obama are a a subject of another day.



8 thoughts on “Just Because Oprah Said It

  1. i dunno i think she’s just stating her opinion and i also think that there could be other ways, just because they don’t call him God specifically does not mean they are not living according to him. there are those who have not had the chance of hearing the word of God, but they are living right. they going to heaven. i don’t see anything wrong with the video.

    1. There are two different points in your statement. The first I disagree with. God is God, simple and clear. It is not possible to say that you do not necessarily call Him God, so what is He called? The term she uses here on a Christ consciousness is a self glorifying state where we no longer hold that there is something greater than us (i.e. God) but that we are God. This is utterly wrong. If we are all God, then who are we to set up methods of rule over people and constitutions. If we are all God, then we are all right and nobody can ever be wrong.
      The second statement is true in the fact that the people who have not been exposed to Christ or have not heard about the word will not be judged like those who have had the opportunity to hear the word.
      Lastly, Oprah does not state it as just an opinion. She is in essence saying that she is right and all Christians are wrong. She is saying that the whole Christian faith is based on a lie (while still stating that she is a Christian).

  2. i could argue more but the fact that Oprah said it is just enough reason for me to stop. i don’t see why everyone hangs on her every word and why people like her that much. so maybe i could put in my opinion when it is someone else. plus she is not even a practicing christian so we cannot really take what she says seriously, anyone who listens to Oprah for religious advice is dumb. maybe we continue with this convo when you post about Joel Esteen.

  3. I could come up with a post just to reply this post. On a lighter touch, Christianity is not the oldest religion recorded, but I get your point. Also, since the world is round, if you head West, you will eventually get to the East. The East or West is relative. To us, the East could be Japan and the West America. To Japan, their East is America and their West us. I get your point still.

    We just have to hope that whichever side we are on, we are right.

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