Two Sides Of Ano…Ther Girl

I am so sure that a great majority of you know this program, Two Sides Of Anna. I was not very keen when that particular program aired, seeing as the only foreign drama that I seriously followed was Maria De Los Angeles. That was a soap and a half. However, I digress. I am finding, slowly but surely, that I am becoming more slow than sure. *note to self,”Take your medicines”*

Welcome again. It’s that time again; story time. Enjoy the article. Comment some, and then feel free to share with all and sundry.

The story I am about to tell you is all too familiar. The start is very predictable, like most novels and movies these days. It is a story that a girl like me will identify with.

A guy sees this beautiful lady and then he schemes and plans all he can to land the babe. He gets plotting the lines he is going to use, the places he is going to take her, and the ways he is going to hold her till she melts in his arms. She resists him; he is too good to be true. She has seen his type before. She tells him to back away. He says he loves her, she asks if that is supposed to be enough. He tells to take a leap of faith, but she is afraid to even think of doing that. She knows that he is going to continue to try; she pushes him away, ever so gently.

Alas, inevitably, she falls for him; she gets in love with him. She has her world revolving around him. He is her breakfast, lunch and dinner. If she were on an island, she would be okay, with him there, even if she were asked to pick three things to be with on the island, she would definitely pick him, him, and him. Friends and foe alike would be jealous of this kind of love. They would start complaining of how these two had too much PDA, on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Whatsapp, name a site and they are on it professing their love. The story changes from here.

Girl 1 is so in love that she has his name as part of her Facebook password. She has seen a fair share of heartbreaks, but like the biblical man who falls down seven times, she has not given up on love. She has been heart-broken by a few men, but these men stabbed her so deep in her heart. It would take a very special man to heal her up. Despite, all this, she has not hang her boots, not just yet. She is highly skeptical, but careful and with this, she lets him in to her life.

She weighs every word he says, hangs onto every single one of them. She can even remember the shirt he wore on the very first day, the kind of cologne that he wore. As a matter of fact, she remembers the scent every time she passes someone on the street with even a similar scent. She looks into his eyes and evaluates every little thing he does.

As an outsider, you may be tempted to think that she over-analyses every little thing, almost seeming cynical, but she has seen too much heartbreak to let anything slide under her nose.  He is not rich, though the rich boys do not impress her, he works for every cent he has. She helped him get the job he has now. As a matter of fact, she does not have the slightest respect for these kinds of men. She is his anchor; he cannot start anything without consulting her first.

She knows she is beautiful, not because of all the men who day in, day out, try hitting on her, but because he tells her more times than the rest do, all put together. They are equals, not like the last guy who thought that she was not as bright as he was. She knows that wherever he goes, he is hers, no matter what.

She is highly secure in the relationship, and I wish my dear sister all the best with her man.

Girl 2 is a very different story, the guy turned out to be a douche. He was a straight up womanizer. He can’t seem to keep his bonoko in check. A stupid notion in his head tells him that any living thing that wears a skirt is worthy of being chased. He should go to Scotland. He thinks he was given a master key to unlock every single lock in the county.

He is a charmer; he can get her to believe anything that he says. She believes him whenever he says that he did not really mean to do it. She gets out his grip, by some miracle and she gets to try and piece together her life. She just stops short of changing her number, since that is the number that she has applied with on her job applications; all her pals have that number. He writes messages telling her how he misses being with her, how he regrets the million wrong things that he did and the million promises that he broke. She is torn between filing for harassment and committing man-slaughter.

You see, when a girl’s heart is broken, she has to start the repairs on the heart herself. She picks up the pieces, one by one, no matter how small they are, and she starts to piece them all up. She picks up every single piece and spends hours, days, weeks, even months trying to fit herself back together, and then the lazy son of a …. Comes back, drops his “Oh, I am sorry, I think the Devil lied to me” crap on her heart and then expects her to take him back. It is just like a kidnapper asking you, after you have been released, if he can still keep in touch with you.

When will men ever learn? Once it is over, let it be. Once a girl has decided to move on from your sorry a** then it is incumbent upon you to let her be. She deserves to be like girl 1, happy at last. If she wanted to be with you, she would be. You, however, blew it, when you could not keep it in your pants, could not be straight up and honest or whatever wrong that you did to her.

I wish men would listen to women. For once, most, if not all of, the times a woman says No, she means it.  I hope men read this. I know the girls agree with me. If you are a man and you think I am wrong, tell me why. If you are a girl and you think I am right about this, tell me.






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