I know the Brick and Lace song just got into your head, and your mind is already playing the tune that a certain gospel group tried to remix into a “Christian” tune. That however is a discussion for another day. This morning I would like us to welcome back our guest writer and prolific writer Kate M. N. and before I bore you with many stories, I hope your comments will, once and for all, convince her that she should gift the world with her writing skills and her endless knowledge on the topic of relationships.



Ideally, this should apply to both men and women. But seeing as I’m a woman, I will speak as such.

Don’t get me wrong, am not suddenly changing my mind and ordinary beliefs that women are evil and a common enemy of both man and beast. No. I’m simply saying, there also comes a time when the other side of the coin must be looked at.


Not all women are bad. In fact, when it comes to relationships with men, women are angels. The problem comes in when the female population in any given scenario goes beyond one. Two women, no. Two million men and one woman, yes. Two men and two women, no. Findings;  World war I, II and III( which will break out upon publication of this note) as well as the holocaust, genocide, universal bomb attacks, tsunamis and maybe even the Al-Shabaab….. would have been avoided  if only Eve had shared Rihanna’s sentiments and remained the only girl in the world.


There is only one situation where I fully and completely sympathize with the ladies…. And this obviously means it makes me want to murder the other half of the species.


For some reason, it is in this arena that all women are in agreement….a very healthy percentage of the male population comprises of jerks.

Mark my words, I am not in any way saying ‘all men are the same’…. And the only reason I’m not saying that is because some are bigger jerks than others. Plus, I’m yet to sample them all. But statistically speaking, and using a sample survey (don’t ask), for every one thousand guys, half a guy is good. (Please note that I do not mean half that number. I mean half a guy. The remaining  999 and a half are rotten.)

I can already see the guns being drawn and cocked by the guys….. I can also see myself unperturbed and undeterred by that activity.


Why do men hurt women????????????? (yes, women hurt men too, but today it’s all about the X-chromosome-d persons)

If you are a man above the age of 21 and you have never hurt a girl, please stand up.

You liar.

The biggest problem is that women have these stupidly tender hearts that just love in this stupidly tender way.

And when a woman’s heart picks you to be the recipient of its stupidly tender love, there’s little you can do about it. Sadness becomes inevitable where, instead of cherishing and nurturing this stupidly tender love, the guys make it a bouncing castle and trample all over the said heart. It is common knowledge that a man’s ego is larger than the atmospheric column, so to some extent, it makes this incredibly stupid behavior more comprehensible. Not forgivable, not excusable. We just get to understand the cause of it. A man loves to feel loved, wanted, adored and idolized… which is perfectly normal. It becomes abnormal, however, when he fails to appreciate the heart offering all these, and instead sees himself as this macho idiot who can get a woman to love him so stupidly.


It is soooooo heart breaking that the stupidity does not end there… you know… any sane person would expect that being lied to and treated like a dead gorilla would stir the long-dead feelings of pride and dignity in a woman. Nah. It does not. In fact, most women fall deeper in ‘stupid’ (read; love) the more the guy gets out of hand.

More often than not,,, oh, who am I kidding, ALL the time, the guy gets bored and without as much as batting an eyelash, he sends the girl packing. That is not the sad part; because truth be told, it is even the more humane thing to do. The sad part is her reluctance or in most cases downright and adamant refusal to let go. Why would someone hold on to a red-hot iron rod? Simple. Their heart and feelings are so frozen that they are numb to the reality of the danger of holding on to the iron rod. Self preservation is relegated to the back seat. Sad. Bad. Unacceptable.

In my naiveté sometime back, I was convinced that gone were the 60s when men would pursue women just to use them for their physical satisfaction and then disappear. Poor, stupid, uninformed me.

I have had male friends who have done just that, to poor unsuspecting girls, and left my jaw on the floor.

Girls, this is for you. Quit giving in too easy, too fast. Good Lord. Make him wait at least a minute!  That way he’ll give u an iota of respect. I know love blinds you and clouds your judgment properly, but please let it also cloud and blur the space between thine legs. Always keep that in mind. I mean, look at the names they give those of us who open legs faster than the google homepage…. Chips funga… !!!!!!!!!!!!!really?? No. please, at least be kebab take away….

Then, other than putting a lock on your cervical region, a little pride never hurt anyone. You know,,, like making it clear that you also have dignity and a life other than this man… that you are not reeking of desperation… really. There are few things I’d consider worse than showing a man that you are desperate. Makes me want to shoot somebody and then donate their organs to the animal organizations.

If we do this, even a little bit, it will reduce the number of times I feel homicidal…. And I address the ladies because we all agree that the change can only come from us. Hoping for the men to change is like hoping for the sun to rise from the North. Of course it could happen…. If the earth started revolving clockwise around Pluto so fast we actually got to see the tropic of Capricorn.

I mean…. Never.



7 thoughts on “LOVE IS WICKED

  1. One, I think Kate should do this world a favour and start/continue writing. Why? I am the few idiots in this world who look at how a piece has been written: Diction, stylistic devices etcetra etcetra. Kate even knows how to use a semi-colon and there are a million bloggers out there who will only use it because they were too tired to press the SHIFT key. The diction is superb, some humour here and there and very very few grammatical mistakes. It is so easy to fall in love with this post.

    Two, and I quote, … I’m “not suddenly changing my mind and ordinary beliefs that women are evil and a common enemy of both man and beast.” Therein lies the most true statement in this post. 🙂

    Very good read.

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