Looking Back At The Year That Has Been

I am seated on the floor of my house in Mtito Andei. This statement must not be misconstrued to mean anything else. Well, let me analyze it well for us all. I am in my house. For a guy who just cleared campus and so wanted to be out of his mama’s house, I am doing pretty good already. Then I am sitting on the floor. Well, there is a two-pronged explanation to that. Well, you see, yesterday i bought a plastic chair, KenPoly baby blue plastic seat from my good friend Kavoo. Two hours later, I am on the floor, chair without a leg, all because it could not sustain my slightly-obese self. Kudos to me for wasting my Kshs. 600 in two hours, so we can safely say it was not REALLY my fault that the chair gave way. As at this moment, I am suing KenPoly for the mental anguish caused by such a fall and the embarrassment I felt in my own presence, yes my middle name is Kardashian!

Well, enough of the melodrama, I have a short, well, kinda short story that i would love to share with all of us tonight. I officially began blogging on this day last year, on the 26th of June 2011 and it was a Sunday. The post was First Service Today. Click here to get more on it. It has been a long journey, writing not to impress people but to give people what was in my heart. I have been able to learn all I have been doing through trial and error, through the great help of ardent readers such as antwarogue , carolkmail and Ghaflaguy who have shown great interest in my work.

I have done all I could ever want to achieve, and for the past month I have been racking my brain trying to look for new stuff to do and how to make this new year be even better. I am just a few reads away from 13,000 reads and for me this is a feat I did not think would be possible on day 1. I was ecstatic getting to 10 views, and even on the day I was able to crack triple digits I was on top of the roof. My best day was on the Rose Nasimiyu story on July 21st 2011, when I was just barely new at this, in my first month at blogging, I did 582 views, I looked at the number and could not believe that it was me with such numbers. I am just grateful that I got to share that wonderful story with the world. It amazes me that it is the most read post on my blog, grossing almost 2,500 views to date and all I can say dear readers, is thank You so much!

A writer is nothing if his work never gets to be appreciated by the world. I would also like to thank my guest writers, first and foremost Katey, author of post number 50 titled, Trashing The Rules and the eloquent greatrnk for his post on The Six Women To Avoid out to give a reply to my own The Six Men To Avoid ( A topic I must admit was sparked of by my lady friends).

This is a list of my five most read posts, with the top four with more than 500 views, the top two have cracked the 1000 view mark:

Rose Nasimiyu: Saluting A Sensation

Lewis Gitau Kahuha: Celebrating My Brother’s Life

Ten Commandments For Men

I watched as She Cried

Cleaning Out The Gospel Industry

My three favorite posts in order of preference, may not necessarily be the most read, but the ones I put in the most heart into, are as follows:

3. Who Do You Trust? A very serious article I wrote with a lot of frustration in my heart, (and it has been a while since I was that upset) and writing that post just made me so free and able to get things out of my chest.

2. Ten Commandments For Men . This is an article i wrote after I watched the movie Courageous, and I was so moved to pass these words to men.

1. Lewis Gitau article it is a tribute to a very great man whose life ended ( in our own human perspective, before his time) when he had lived so fully and so brilliantly. He was a true man of the people and he had a very beautiful soul. Here is a man who truly lived to make the lives of all those around him to be wonderful. He deserves a 21 gun salute.

Which posts did you like the most?

What kind of things would you like for me to also write about in this new year?

Are there things you would wish for me to change?

Any criticisms? Compliments?

I will take them all.

Here is a toast to the second year and reaching post number 100, where I shall officially have achieved 80% of my writing dream.


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