My Tomorrow with You

I write this poem because it’s what tomorrow holds,

I am in your arms and I’m happy and content,

The atmosphere smells of love, smells of the scent of affection,

I make my tomorrow today, I am with you,

Desire catered for and a kiss on my lips,

Your head on my chest, our heartbeats in unison,

The sun is shining and the warmth illuminates the soul,

The rays light my heart and raise my mood,

From smile to ecstasy, to blissful position at all times,

No care in the world, I close my eyes and sing,

Our song, “Just go,” that anyone would believe,

That though the way was tough, we still stand strong,

No matter the tempest, love abides till the end of time,

Second chance granted, new start to make it work,

So help me God! The oath usually ends,

We set our principles, set our boundaries and the

Third thing that my dad said that I forgot,

But it’s time to begin and love you to the core,

Stay put and focused on our future together,

Yes, to man is err, to forgive divine, it’s still great,

To know you more, staying honest with you,

And the chance to tell you all I’ve done and get,

The privilege to love you like I want to,

Make you see the queen that you are, you said you

Would mend my broken heart like I mended your

Broken spirit, I would like to build your heart to

Trust once more and care for you and seek to

Nurture your spirit to the greatness it is supposed to be at.


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