Celbrating the life of a soldier.

Faith & I

I 1st heard about Caleb through some of my friends from PCEA Kahawa Sukari Church. They were part of organising an initiative called ‘Let Me Live’ to support a certain young gentleman called Caleb Ngugi Kipkan. Caleb was a 16-year old boy who was suffering from Leukaemia (Blood Cancer). Citizen TV had done a feature on him on the ‘Your Story’ segment. You can watch it here to get a better understanding of Young Caleb.

I was really previledged to be part of the ‘Let Me Live’ campaign as we raised funds for Caleb’s treatment. Sadly, Caleb went to be with our sweet Lord early last week. We celebrate & honour Caleb, who showed us the true meaning of living for something greater than ourselves.

Tomorrow we lay Caleb to rest in Kirinyaga. This post is to honour Caleb, though I met & interacted with you briefly during…

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