Hold On To The End

Curve balls, that’s the one thing Beckham was good at doing in a football match. He would get a free kick and everyone, including the coach and commentators was sure that this was ANOTHER goal.

Imagine being a goalkeeper at such a match, you expect the ball to come in a certain way and then you dive, the ball makes a corner in mid-air and you are headed in a destination you will surely miss the ball. As you land on the ground, your hand raises up just high enough to touch the ball with one finger and the ball hits the crossbar and heads out. It’s a corner! If you had not raised your hand in desperation and given up, the ball would have surely entered the net. Okay, you can stop imagining…

We are faced with curve balls many-a-time. Sometimes it is God’s way of showing us our capabilities. Job was faced with such a curve ball and his wife asked him to curse God and die, he however chose to hold on and be strong.  His friends started telling him how he was such a sinner and deserved the suffering that he was going through. He, on the other hand, saw he was righteous before God and God put him straight in line. He in the end was blessed by God for standing strong for God even in the darkest moments of his life.

The book of Job chapter 42 says he was double rich at the end of his tribulation. His wife told him in Job 2 verse 9, “Then his wife said to him, do you still hold fast your blameless uprightness? Renounce God and die!” Suppose he had said in verse 10, “You are right my love, I renounce God.” That would have been the end of the story of Job. However, he had the strength to hold on a little more.

The result was 40 more chapters and a blessing that was twice what he had before. In Job 42:10 it records, “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job and restored his fortunes, when he prayed for his friends; also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”

In the end, people will remember you by the times you stand out; even in desperation than by the things you could have, should have, might have and almost did. Never let go of the fire you had for what you are doing. It may take time to get where you want to be, but everything must start from somewhere.

The businesses started by business moguls all started somewhere. Mark Zuckerberg, of Face book, started in his dorm room with his roommate and he is now the second youngest billionaire in the world, with his roommate being the youngest.

Point is, hold on to the end. You never know what God has planned for you. Be inspired this week.

That is my two cents for the week, have a blessed weak ladies and gentlemen.


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