Nita Hungu-Music is My BloodLine

Whats your name?

My name is Nita Hungu.

Nita Hungu

Where did you undertake your studies?

I studied at Day-star University where I pursued a BA in Psychology(No I do not read minds- Ladies and gentlemen, believe me I had wanted to ask that particular question, but she READ my mind and answered it) and Community Development.

However, this was not my first option I have always wanted to do music. I completed my studies and dove right into music study with ABRSM. I do my B.Mus. in 2013 which is an answer to prayer.

Tell us a little about your family? How many are you and what number are you in the family?

We are SIX in total, 4 girls brothers in the house say, “Dowry”. I am the 3rd born.

Where do you go to church?

I fellowship at Membley Baptist church (where the sun rises and sets)

What is your occupation?

Musician, business person;

Apart from the music that I do, I have a business called Girly Pants- we sell girly stuff like the name suggests. Lotions, splashes and just about anything that will make a woman feel and smell good. 🙂

What is your passion for life? What would you say is your driving force?

I would say, without a doubt its Loving God, loving all He loves.

You have been a singer for a while, what do you point out as your best moment?

(Thinking) My best moments have to be when I am on stage singing or writing or teaching music clearly you can see she has many best moments. Basically when I do music I feel that is the only place I would rather be.

You teach? *impressed* Where do you teach?

I teach at the Kabete Rehabilitation School. I started a music club. We meet every Thursday and the boys are 20 in total. I teach them ALL aspects of music and am also preparing them for Kenya Music Festivals this year. My vision in life is to empower my community through music and that is why I teach.

When did u begin singing and what particular genre do you sing?

I think music for me began at a very young age(probably at 13 years of age), but the process has taken  me more than 8 years. I believe that when God calls you, the process he takes you through no matter how  long, is important for you to be able to sustain what he gives you when you get there.

What was your first performance like?

It was SCARY– mostly because no one is born singing in front of people. I had been singing a lot in the worship team at my church(and in the shower) but my first solo performance was 2009 at the Memorial Park where I had a concert to launch Nita Hungu the artiste.

Album Cover for KILIO

Tell us about your new album. What is the inspiration behind it.

Kilio is an album born out of my experiences both good and bad. My brokenness before God, my desires, my love and hopes. The album has a total of 14 tracks.

Do you have any favorites on the album? (I must say at this point, she was sure that she could not find a favorite song, but with a little prodding…)

My favourite songs have to be Kilio– the title track and Twende which is a love song about marriage. I did the album with  Gittx of Rhymex Studios. You will hear my heart and my world views. I am VERY vulnerable in this album as we all should before God and fellow Christians.

That is very interesting. So, when is the album launch?

My album launches online in about two week’s time but I do a live album launch in August.

Finally, to the important questions… What is your favorite food?

I LOVE Italian cuisine….

What is your favorite thing to do when you not singing?

Teaching, hanging out with friends, cooking, swimming, reading.

What are your future plans in music?

I would love to travel around the world with what God has put in my heart. And eventually open a music school….

I plan on doing church tours,

Lastly, give us a word to your fellow musicians in the industry.

Study as much as you can about what you want to go into. A music course will help take you a long way. Be faithful and NEVER give up.

Connect with the lovely Nita

The sun shines as I worship and praise

Twitter- @NitaHungu

FB: Nita Hungu,,

SoundCloud for Nita Hungu

Next interview next Friday.Lets meet here. Share this with your friends. Be blessed.


13 thoughts on “Nita Hungu-Music is My BloodLine

    1. This is what I aim to do, to give people a chance to get their story out. I am glad you love the interview. I am sure you will love the song.

  1. Beautiful mind and vision! I know Nita has been passionate about her music way back and its so nice to see her following her dream and it coming to pass! Waiting for the album!:)

  2. This is soo cool Nita…I see you going places…MUSIC SCHOOL…amenand amen!!! I’ll be amongst the first to enroll 🙂 This is inspiring Nita. God bless!!

  3. Good stuff Nita 🙂
    So you go to Membley nowadays, no wonder I don’t see you at Parkie, but since my folks live those sides, might pop in sometime. Lovely weekend.

  4. Darling sis, am truly so proud of you and all that you are doing! May God continue to use you as a vessel to reach and empower people and being a blessing to all. Your God,s gorgeous girl and continue to be blessed! Love you hun

  5. Waugh it’s great and jazZzing sana, reminded me of old school moments it’s tight off tha huk; and waugh! it’s elaborate has covered a lot i’m able to know the voice on the other side of the speaker an dsay i know them. It brings out the reality of life; wasn;t able to stream the song but i look forward all the more and will do so in a bit.. Kwanza the two Twende and Kilio any way glory to God and big be blessed abundantly..

  6. I’m so happy for you Nita:) Your music is amazing and the Lord has brought you so far. Keep on inspiring us with your music tweeny:)

  7. we need more musicians with a vision and a purpose, those who will ensure that this world is a better place through song. Nita definitely one of the pioneers of positive transformation through music. She is setting a standard in the music industry. Cannot wait to hear more from her and see her rise to greater heights.

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