Yes,Lord send, send, but not me, somebody else

Spoken word is an interesting genre that many a performer have engaged in. I wrote this poem and performed it alongside ten of my friends. The synopsis is as thus: God has sent us into the world. He wants us to be his ambassadors in the world. We have so many excuses as to why we do not wish to be sent by God.

If you would like to use it at a function in your local church, please ask first and get relevant permission. Enjoy this piece that is the most recent spoken word verse that I have done.



A)      I wish I could man, I am a little busy,

This amount of time I got is little,

Don’t I come to church and sit in the pew?

I know the people who do that are few,

But this Jesus business ain’t really my thing,

I am worried my business associates may be seeing,

Me doing all this gospel business,

Jeez, God do you want me to lose my business?

Yes Lord Send… but not me… somebody else.


take the job HE wants you to do

B)      No, no man, ngoja nikupe storo,

Boy wa ghetto, style ka hiyo maze come morrow,

Nina shore mnice nimebonga naye videadly,

Na mimi naona tunaenda places Oh Lord siteti,

Marhyme zangu heavy akoalmost kuingia box,

nikianza storo zako najua ataduck kama fox,

Aniache aende kwa Kama nibaki mimi niko lost,

Maze kuwa mpole God,

Una maharaka, kwani world inaisha leo?

Yes Lord Send… but not me… somebody else.



C)      I wish I could, I really wish I could,

But u see I just got invited to an exclusive event, don’t be fooled,

This is what I have been waiting for since….

Since that day four years ago when I entered the chapel,

I have gone through it all, si u know all the torment of hell,

Hata wewe u jua I would love to kuja,

But siwezi take a chance, wasee watanichuja,

Yes Lord send… but not me… somebody else.


D)     Niki mani, mbona kubring mablunder like this,

God ni nini kunidiss, hujawahi umemiss,

The whole point ya kufika campo ni freedom,

Sisemi eti sasa nitaanza story za ndom,

But kuwa HolyJoe ni kuwa pretender,

Mimi ni boy mreal, no retreat no surrender,

Leader of the pack, huwezi hack,

wasee huniita Bauer kama Jack,

Mimi ndiyo cream of the crop, niko on top,

Yes Lord send… but not me… somebody else.


E)      Heehee! Ati full time ministry?

You must be joking! Who said I wanna be priestly?

I know that campus is far from being on face book,

I am a student, came to face the books,

All these other responsibilities got to wait,

Niende science lib, arts lib n resource center,

First class is my aim; I am my village representer,

Yes Lord Send… but not me… somebody else.


F)      What? Evangelism is not really my thing,

You told me to love my neighbor and I do,

Natoa bob every beggar I pass,

Hata Ezra nilienda so what else do you want?

I am good enough and I don’t sin like those guys,

I have followed the statutes of the nation to the standard,

So sitaki pang’ang’a mob God,

Niko alright, msafi kuliko supabrite,

Yes Lord Send… but not me… somebody else.


G)     I am no longer doing that work Lord,

I came for them morning devotions,

Went to the chapel and raised hell on the Devil,

But then a cat was given when we went for the Annual General Mission,

I got a re-sit, a re-sit! Lord, a re-sit!

How? And now morning glory is clashing with classes,

Sunday service conflicting with my sleep schedule,

So you see why I am a little reluctant,

Yes Lord Send… but not me… somebody else.


H)     Last time niliongea juu yako wasee walinicheka,

Maboy wa daro, mamanzi wakanihepa,

Loneliness by the way si kitu enjoyable,

God cheki vile wanajibamba sana maze ninahata,

Niliongea juu yako ninapokea uhater kamili,

Nikiwa na shida wananiuliza kama u r fair to me,

So when naacha story zako it’s for your best interests,

Watu waache kuridicule jina yako mbele yangu,

Yes Lord Send… but not me… somebody else.


I)        Eh! God where r those who call themselves Christians?

Is it tht brother over there? Wacha ni smoker,

Na akija church anasema ni holy hands, holy wapi?

Na yule sister pale, si alicommit fornication, Kili mzima inajua,

Na bado unawacha akuwe leader wa church,

Mahypocrites wamejaa within your gates,

Hiyo ndiyo ilinifanya nikaanza kuhate,

Watu wanajiita wakristo, hata mimi nikawa disappointed,

Yes Lord send… but not me… somebody else.


(From off stage) I wanna serve Him!

COMMANDER: Who said that?

OLD MAN: I did, and I wanna tell these young people why,

I have watched life as it passed me by, oh, my,

Ecclesiastes 4 verse 8, no joy if you toil,

And you have nobody to share the fruit with,

Amos 3 verse 3, you cannot walk with somebody,

Unless you two agree,

Ecclesiastes 1 verse 2, Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher;

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity,

Matthew 19 verse 30 and the first shall be last,

And the last shall become first,

Ecclesiastes 12 verse 12, and furthermore my son be admonished:

Of making many books there is no end;

And much study is weariness of the flesh,

Romans 3 verse 23, all have sinned, n come short of God’s glory,

Proverbs 24 verse 16, a righteous man falls down seven times,

Seven times shall he rise up again,

Romans 1 verse 16, I am not ashamed of this gospel I preach,

For it is the power that bringeth men unto salvation, first the Jew, then the Greek,

Jeremiah 17 verse 5, cursed is the man who trusts in another man,

Who makes flesh his arm, and his heart has departed from Jehovah.


Speak the WORD to the WORLD

ALL: Ni vipi wakristo these days wamelose responsibility,

God akiongea, sisi viziwi, tumelose sensitivity,

We are sent to the lost, to the dying world,

So what’s your excuse? Why won’t you let him use you?

Let us all know God and let us all love them that are unloved.


© Ascofu Mumo Nthale

® All Rights reserved


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