Grace and Kevin’s Big Day

The Bride getting prepped up.

On January 14th 2012, Higher Heights Pictures did its first wedding of the year.  It was at NPC Woodley between Kevin Bwire and Grace Sanyu. The photos tell the story. We had fun… I had fun. I can’t wait for the next photo-shoot. Enjoy.

The Bride found some time to laugh amidst all the tense thoughts on the day.
Bride being shown the way out
The car designated for the bride
The motorcade came for her.
There was a party to pick her from her home
The ladies of course were in attendance.
The men at the service
With this ring, I thee wed.
And this is my pact with you
The couple with the best couple.
Grace and Kevin
The Bride and Groom enjoying their shoot.
All the best to the couple.

Our offices are at Diamond Plaza 3rd Floor Room 3B.


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