Lewis Gitau Kahuha- Celebrating my brother’s life

Lewis Gitau Kahuha, my brother and friend, and a person of so many talents. He was an actor, film director (we did two movies with him) a businessman, a comedian, MC, all in one.

The Serious Looking Lewis

He was born on May 13th 1986 and died on Thursday 9th February 2012. Just in case, you want to read an eulogy or a complaint at how unfair life can be, you are mistaken.  This is a post to celebrate the man who touched so many lives. Nobody can ever forget the great impact that he had on our lives.

I met Lewi in Strath in 2006 when we were doing CPA there. We did not talk so much then , but we were just cordial classmates. We met again in Maseno on August 27th 2007, on the Monday we were reporting to Maseno. He recognized me first blame my short sightedness and gold fish memory and said hi. They say the rest is history.

Trying his hand on the guitar

We started to look for his room, F13 and that was when we met the guy who was campaigning for Sec Gen then, the quiet and popular guy for some reason I cannot remember his name who showed us the direction to Tsunami. We went and found the place, after a long search. Through the four years that we were together there, we went from being strangers, to being acquaintances to becoming friends, then brothers and finally we became Musketeers. Our brotherhood had Eric Kamenwa, Alex Karuoya, Lewis, Chris Wambugu and myself.

In 2008, after my birthday mishap of breaking a finger bone, he was my doctor. He took me to hospital, alongside my friend Diana, they took so much care of me, from taking me to hospital, I was given so much attention, I felt truly loved by the two. He took me to Maseno Mission at any time, he was there as the doctor dressed my wound and as they stitched my leg, he was on hand distracting me. I can still remember these memories like they were yesterday.

He was the one in charge of JAZ as the Team Leader and he ensured that all logistics, especially transport was adequate, even though he complained alot especially in Third Year when he got rained on as the ladies took their sweet time preparing themselves; although I must say when he saw how great his girlfriend looked, he promptly shut up.

With the love of his life Ruth

I remember when we were in second year, he was admitted in New Russia for a whole week and I would have to go all day just to keep him company there. The nurses said that they were so impressed by his upbeat attitude then.

We had a show on Equator FM with him called Biz Intel and J Train. It was always fun with DJ Perez (Lewis) and Karuoya in studio with my alter ego Pentiam.  Countless times we were at actors and we always had fun, as he always lit up the stage. I can particularly remember the time we acted as prisoners and he was Wilberforce, the prison warden. For weeks on end, everyone, would call Wilberforce. He ordered us “Chini! Simama! Chini! Simama!” and the audience roared in laugher as Chris and I would follow the instructions very quickly.

The original musketeers

In fourth year, he was the Permanent Secretary for the Culture Ministry of Wateule, though I had to drag him to the meetings more than once. Breakfast was always done well, under his supervision.

I remember on Tuesday 7th I was at his bedside at 10am, and he was telling me how he wanted to get a new job, because he was not satisfied with just Cougar Investments. Here is the man who taught me business and not to just be doing Pro-bono work every time. He taught how to do so many things and always encouraged me to get better with my music.  He will be greatly missed by everyone.

I know there is so much there is to say about Lewis, what was your experience with him that you will never forget? Post it here, let us share with the world how great it was to know Lewis.

I dedicate this to my friend and brother Lewis Gitau Kahuha. You can also post your encouraging sentiments here.  Here are a few photos of Lewis, my brother. I love you bro. At least I told you this countless times.

At a leader's event
Lewis, Chris and I in our first year dinner
We went to Mamba Village with the boys
When we went to Yala

RIP my brother. I love you more than words can say.

The rare look of seriousness.

21 thoughts on “Lewis Gitau Kahuha- Celebrating my brother’s life

  1. memories with Lewi a few pages myt not even be enough….. But 1st year when i was sick he was my alarm clock hehehe would wake me up 7am sharp nikunywa dawa not caring the 10 to 10 rule….n when they lewi,karuoya n seline waited for me from baringo til 2am..twende waruku 1st time to surprise alicie hehehe the shock was on us!! Numerous teas in tsunami f and j advise on life, relationships(Ruth mostly).. Biashara tshos…dinners n Jaz events n talks. Prayer partners…wateule… Lewi could instantly tell if i was ok or not just by looking at me……i’l miss him sitting me down ‘siz’ n advising me n alice… Friends,God has broken us but will rebuild us.. His ways r higher than ours.. Stil remember wed 8th in the hosi saying the grace together,Forever in my heart, bro! They say that great ppl are remembered not but what they did but the number of lives they touch…n you touched many…. Its hard to say goodbye, but as i say bye, cry n grieve i thank God for the time we spent n memories we shared…knowing there comes a point in life where one must journey alone. Salute Lewis kahuha u served God n pple there is a great reward…till we meet again!

  2. in descriptions you forgot scientist and researcher, though we wasted countless lectures sitting at the back of the hall lamenting on how science is boring. he was one of the only dudes in class who wasn’t all books and no fun. he always told me i didn’t dress like a scientist each morning before class. dragged me to church during my intern and made my stay in kisumu awesome! he called me a few weeks ago to complain that i shouldnt stop talking to him just cause he doesn’t need to borrow my notes anymore. Lewis i miss you!

  3. I came 2 know bout Lewi in 4th yr, thru ma best pal Anne, n since den he would neva pass m witout sayin hi. He was a gd man, n wat med it evn mo excitin is him datin ma highskul mate Ruth n collegemate 2. Al i wish 4 him him is a beta place wit our maker, coz hes a gd person n he deserves da best. R.I.P Lewi.

  4. Lewi was an amaizn guy..i kumbuka wen we went to ronga for an event and we wer dissin the donkeys,iv had fun with him weneva i came to maseno..il always remember him

  5. i knew Lewi in 1st year. Tsunami block F, ground floor had lots of fun with the likes of Lewi who could make fun around the coridors. Lewi u were the only friend i had in college who always shouted my name allanoh…!!! not allan (who wud not find that soo existing?). At some point towards the end semester we shared lunch. it was just a lunch but it seemed soo special to u that at some point u thanked me publicly tukiwa in jaz meeting. Im so humbled u made me ua friend. He has departed full of greatness, indeed, and glory. I have faith u have gone to be with God. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY n Ruth.

  6. Met Lewi for the first time in january 2009..he came to my room with Ruth who was my roomie then and we bn friends since. He had a great sense of humour and a big heart and thou i graduated later that yr we stayed in touch…i remember attending the impact zone at kpc with him late last year and we had mad fun..he was luking forward to being with his swthrt Ruth and he tagged her along for the life lessons..swt ryt!haha..i remember him asking.,jackie kwani arusi ni when?yaani us guyz tutago mbele yako?..n’ he was to print sm t-shoz for me..guess God had other plans buddy!.i was blessed to hv Lewi and Ruth as my friends..and i love them both to bits!i thank God for the time we shared Lewi..i’ll miss u dear,R.I.P..Glory be to God.

  7. I got to know and meet Lewi in January 2000 when i had just joined NPCA.We were classmates then and i am glad that i got a chance to know such an amaizing person.He always had a way of making people laugh even at the toughest times of his life.He always had the right words to say when i was down.He had a combination of wacky and yet serious character.RIP my friend.You will surely be missed.

  8. lewis was an amazing person i met him when i was in Kiambu high school the year 2007 when i was in form one and he was form three and my school guardian..he taught me everything i had to know about high school life i will remember him for that he was a good upstanding guy.

  9. lewis my cuzo, yani i still cant beliv it. he was my favourite among all the cuzos i have coz we used 2 share alot. he used 2 give me advices like he told me never 2 luv with my heart but with my head. i thank God tho his life. i remmember when my dad was sick the way he used 2 encourange him. he was such a jewel.

  10. Came to know him as this joker who togather with Askofu, Alice and karuoya turned Jaz meetings so humarouse and intresting. his great ability to mobilise guys for an activity or event as the team leader then, his commitment to ministry really encauraged me. he knew how to use my camera well hahaha,i loved his shots as in this guy was tarlented in all dimensions and i thank God for that .i knew him more when he came to live in kisumu for afew months,we fellowshiped alot togather with other guys. i enjoyed his company at all times. i spoke to him last on tuesday b4 he passed trying to do bussiness as usual. i celebrate you brother,life well spent.

  11. Through JAZ and the Almighty i came to know U. I remember the advice you gave me as a single mother on our way to stage in Nairobi with Kruohizi and Alicy. The day I was coughing wewe na Cris mlinishugulikia, ukipitia J13 na Ruth kutuma salamu. Most of all I was the last wife on the day we publisized Inxusas though death has no alerts Jesus alerts us to know Him and I thank God ulimjua. Ruth and the rest it pains God more than it pains us but lets trust even more He is our comforter na He remains on the thrown in our times of grief and happy moments u are in my heart.

  12. Lewis was a year younger than me in Primary School. I never knew him much. I heard that he was being laid to rest today, and I prayed that he would find peace as he went to meet his King of Kings coz the memory of those who die in the Lord is blessed. Going through this page, I have learnt to cherish the ones I Love everyday, every breath is not to be taken for granted. Lewis fought the good fight ……..ran the race…..a great example to all he was. Sleep well Lewis

  13. That good friend i had n never had a chance to say goodbye to coz the sad news of his passing were broken to me, via text message from Ruth, when i was heading to the hospital to check on him…I stood along the street, confused, n not sure what to do….I remember how you visited me in IDP n especially when you did not find Ruth in her room…and we would chat until she came…you challenged me in many areas especially business…I still look at the business card you gave me (COUGAR INVESTMENT) and imagine how far you would be with that business…
    But im happy knowing that you just took a rest and that you did so in the Lord..we will meet again. I would be inviting you to my wedding and im sure you would sacrifice to come celebrate with us, but since you joined the chariots of Heaven, i know you are happy for me as you watch from above (and it happens that I n Ruth are sharing our wedding date..a coincidence!!!)… Sleep in Peace LEWI

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