Forgive my Heart For Choosing You

For those who know me well, I am a sucker for good poetry. When I am sad, I write. When I am happy, I write some more. When I am in love, oh! The feeling of love, i write again. This poem below is from a friend. She is called Desma Winnie Wood. She is a poet and an upcoming writer, and I am privileged to have her as our guest writer #1 for 2012… wait since we started. So, the red carpet of talent begins.

Let me not bore you guys so much, here is the piece.

I remember when i was young
a little child with a small mind
but i knew something little
about falling in love
i saw mum and dad walk together
i attended wedding ceremonies
and i saw the joy in hearts
the willingness in eyes
i wanted something like that
to walk beside someone always
to have a joyful heart all times
and to have a willing soul

Come here boy!

when I grew up I began to learn
I knew to be happy
sacrifices had to be there
it was not as easy as marching
in that wedding to the aisle
or as pure as the white gown
that the bride wore..neither
was it as bright as the colours
that flooded the weddings
but I was still determined
that my missing rib
must be somewhere in the world

I didn’t look so hard
and finding wasnt easy
and when i found challenges
flooded every moment of it
but for every challenge
we were stronger together
we stuck by every moment
because the moment of triumph
would be our climax

I don’t give up easy
neither do i walk out as fast
when I know what true love is
I only become rebellious
when am not happy
and I decide to find happiness
from somewhere else

because you don’t judge me
am still with you
because you believe in me
am stronger everyday
because you trust me
you have faith in me
and because you love me
you will always be there for me
am not leaving any time soon
forgive my heart for choosing you

© Desma Winnie Wood

® Ascofuatwork


3 thoughts on “Forgive my Heart For Choosing You

  1. If poetry is what defines me…i will die with a pen in my hand because i will be writting my last piece at that time

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