Not Yet More Than a Friend

If only she knew what he wanted,

Was not her heart but friendship to be granted,

She would not say, “No!” when he said, “Hi!”

And when he starts talking, she says, “Bye!”

He seeks her attention, likes her, that is true,

His intention, be her pal is all he wants to do,

No ulterior, super hidden, secret code missions,

No flying to Mars, Venus, Jupiter visions,

To him just a friend, and that’s all.


Rose for my best friend K.N.

If only she took time to look deep into his eyes,

To him she was more than just an object, or prize,

Give him time, not a single dime,

Time to show that his intentions are not ill-fated,

Judge after the whole case before you is fully stated,

Let him explain his feeling for you, you are appealing, true!

Excellent in what you do,

Erotic feelings do not sprout, because he knows why,

He walks all the way, and comes to see at you at home, nay,

He understands the past that you have undergone,

The pain and suffering, the great load of hate you have borne,

To him just a friend, and that’s all.


If only she would let him speak his heart out,

She would not be so rigid when he held his hand out,

Great times he sees ahead if only she would let him be,

Her friend, trust him like vicar, with time she would see,

Unlike other men is he, who wants only her friendship and not her heart,

Because she still needs time to trust and that he accepts, a pal is a start,

Time will bring two friends together, makes all things all better,

She need not worry about what he might do, because he has respect for her,

She respects herself, that he respects her is no doubt,

Happy ending it will be, two friends, two very great friends,

For life, end to the strife, she may not be his wife, but best friends for life,

She likes him, she knows and will give time to prove his heart,

She has realized there’s no need to make a good man suffer,

For all the beasts that in the past took advantage,

Now she knows better, to her he’s just a friend that’s all,

To him just a friend, and that’s all.

Kiss on the cheek

His care for her can never be measured,

Inside he loves her but cannot say,

He holds it inside each and every day,

For she is his friend and now he can be,

Her help whenever she needs friends to lean,

On, No matter what she may be going through,

He vows to always be there at all times,

Maybe the days be full of frustration and disappointment,

He seeks to bring joy and happiness,

Her love daily increases for him.Though she keeps it inside,

He knows she just wants to be his friend,

She knows he just wants to be her friend,

But deep inside more is being stirred up.

Should they be  more than friends?


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