Cleaning out the gospel industry

I am a gospel minister. I would refrain to call myself an artist, for now. I believe that I am a pastor to the youth and my work is to do poems, sermons and songs that will make the audience think and deliberate what they need to do to live according to what God has told them to. This is an article to clean the rot in the gospel industry.

We cleaning the bad things out.

I am not perfect in any way, so I am not trying to speak of something I have completely attained. This is something that I believe must be achieved if true ministry will be achieved in our industry.

I would like to speak of something that has been ailing me for a while now. There is a shift in the music industry that is worrying.

Many of our gospel artistes are doing a good job in performances and making great music videos, danceable tunes and such but a problem still exists.


In our private lives, are we still living the way that God expects of us? When people see you on stage and when they see you in a private setting, are they seeing the same person? Some are going around, sleeping around and hurting many in the process. They are using their celebrity status to get women to bed, with promises of a relationship and/or money and then leave. There are others who are known to visit clubs and other social, dingy hangout places. There is nothing like, “We are representing Christ there.”

Rebellion and Self- Righteousness.

Even with the times that we make mistakes as gospel artistes, many do not want to be corrected. We think that we are above all the rules that apply to “mortals” because we are celebs. We have a hit song and nobody can bring us down. We are acting like we so big like Titanic (remember the ending of the ship).  Many are not members of a church. It is not possible to be a real influencer in the gospel industry without having somewhere you call a Home Church. You need to have personal sessions with your pastor so that you can learn what exactly you can be able to do with your gift. This will help you to be able to live the things you speak.

Lack of Mentors.

We do not have many artists in the gospel industry that are ready to train up the upcoming artistes. On the converse, many of the artistes are not going to the established one to ask how to make it. They need to be able to handle themselves when the pressure starts to pile up. They need to know how to handle the fans who want to have private sessions with them. There are so many things that fame exposes someone to, and many of the upcoming artistes end up repeating the same mistakes that others before them. They say, “A wise man learns from his mistakes, a wiser man learns from other’s mistakes.”

Lack of Vision.

Many of the artistes are in it for the fame, for the money and for the “girls”. They are not in it to do the ministry. The above things are important, but it is not the main thing. I am impressed by artistes such as A-star, who offered his album free for download.

Another artiste who is going to offer his new album for free is X-po. The album will be dropping very soon. This is a really bold statement to make. The gospel is the business of the father. It is not our personal hustle. Hustling is for the world. We are working for God. This means that He is going to pay us. Work hard, work for Christ, but do not be so engrossed in the chase for the money that you fail to remember that the focus is God. He is a fair employer, paying more than you can contain.

Christ is the FOCUS!


Let us stay in Christ, representing Him to the fullest. Share with us what you believe can be done to help the gospel industry.



20 thoughts on “Cleaning out the gospel industry

    1. Thank you. We have to talk about this stuff. The fact that we are so quiet about it in our artiste circles is whats making us fall prey to the advances of the devil over and over again. It has to stop. The only way that we will heal the industry is if we stand up for what we believe is right.

  1. It’s been exactly my thoughts lately. There’s some clear adulteration of faith music with too much color and pomp which clearly is obscuring the gospel rather than spreading it. Most of the stuff churned out has an appearance rather than an actual representation of core Christianity. Nice of you to shine some light on this with this here article.

  2. My view is that there can be no permanent solution to this. As a music fan you just need to decide what defines a gospel musician and from there choose your pick. Don’t be surprised if you have only close to zero artist on your playlist! 😦

    1. I still think that instead of us giving up, we should always aim at getting to the point where we are righteous in the eyes of Christ.

  3. Gospel tracks should elicit praise, honour and not shame to our Lord Jesus. I’m not too sure whether most of the stuff being locally churned out is achieving this

    1. If you know of any gospel artist, tell them that you expect good, uplifting music. It is our job to make sure that this happens in the industry. Support the people who give a good and uplifting message.

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