Secret Message from the Enemy

I hate love, mmmm; come to think about it I love hate,

I loathe the name and the power of that man, who conquered my gates,

The days of the apostles and the Holy Ghost filled church,

The revivals were great and persecutions those days didn’t seem to change much,

We beat flogged, humiliated, hurt and locked them,

They still proclaimed his fame, not even once did they deny the name,

They put their reputation, their all, their life on the line,

They risked it all, I am sure if it were for him, they would even walk through a live mine.

Anyway, that was then, fast forward to now,

The scenario has changed, you wonder how,

The fire that was there has dwindled to a fizzle,

The rain of anointing has diminished to a drizzle,

That is the reason I am settled and happy,

Nothing drives me crazy, I am not crappy,

Let me show you why;

January the first, they feast and drink, saying ni kushika mwaka,

Forgetting the day of the lake of fire, jehanamu moto unawaka,

They attend concerts instead of addressing the master’s concerns,

Bogus I tell you, they only profess and never confess, won’t repent,

He whose name is above all names died for them,

They try with research to disprove the truth, rubbishing the gem,

The evidence they refute, clamoring for flimsy excuse,

Even learned men of high repute, shake their head just for the sake of refuse-ing,


Six weeks later, the chocolates, the wafers, the jewellery whose maker turns tycoon,

The sweet-scented bouquets and the flower maker who rises at high noon,

The buyer, the seller, the hirer, the lender, all seeking quick splendor,

All chasing the all-elusive buck, from the rich young man to the street vendor,

Exchanging meaningless glances and a huge myriad of hugs and kisses,

But I can see you!! In your heart are malice, hate, jealousy and disses,

The “I love you” is so far from genuine, it is not from deep within,

I know you, I see you, I ain’t done yet, the truths I am about to tell you, will make your head spin!


The poet

Where is Adam? To commune with God the father in the cool of the day,

Where is Abel? To offer the best gift, our lives, as a first fruit to Him,

Where is Enoch? To walk with God until he is no more,

Where is Lot? To protect God’s servants in an evil country,

Where is Abraham? Ready to give it all up because God said so,

Where is Joseph? Looking at things that happen, yet deciding that God had a greater purpose,

Where is Moses? To go and tell Pharaoh to let my people go,

Where is Joshua? Commanding the sun to stand still for the victory to be fully won by force,

Where is Elijah? Ready to stand against the government, stand for truth,

Where is Elisha? By a word can order fire from heaven to devour the enemy,

Where is David? To put trust that with God on his side, no Goliath could survive,

Where is Solomon? To stand in wisdom and execute justice without favor,

Where is Isaiah? Have a heart of servant-hood, while knowing you weren’t perfect,

Where is Jeremiah? To say exactly what God wants us to say?

Where is Ezekiel? To stand in the valley of dry bones, order the rise of God’s army,

Where is Daniel? To decide that the king’s edict is lower than that of the King of Kings,

What about Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego? Serve even to the point of death,

Where is Paul? Where is Peter? Where is James? Where is John?

Where are the young men who carried Ananias and Sapphira from the synagogue?

Where are you? You? And also you? Where are your works for Him?

What have you done since you started to call yourself by His name?


 The world’s changing, you say, most of y’all are no longer saved by grace,

What’s brought the change? Too bad Christians these days are saved by brace,

He moves you, coz u don wanna go that way,

Egomaniacs that don’t even care, you’d rather you rule the day,

Not realizing that at the mention of that name, His name, the name,

The name of… of… of… Jesus! All knees shall bow, all tongues confess,

Whatever religion you say you profess, from profess ors, politicians to newborn babes,

All nations, Peoples shall gather, families, pastors, gangsters, all them unsaved rappers,

Jay-Z, Confucius, Eminem, the Beatles, MJ, and all those you want me to mention too,

Esther Wahome, Rufftone, Kirk Franklin, shall be happy they will see him too,

All I would love would be to have all of you to share in the blame,

That is the only reason I play with you, dude! It’s all a mind game,

What a shame! You call yourself by His name; wanna share in His fame,

Yet you do not follow the teachings of the true owner of the name.

(Refrain 2)

It’s simple and clear, you need to wake up,

The work you have to do is great, if only you would stand up,

Start to operate like you fully understand that you are His,

I truly and fully know what the end result is,

If by now you haven’t figured it, I am the angel who fell,

My name is Lucifer and this is the only truth I ever tell.

Thinking about what I just said.


If it were not for the fact that your destiny and mine should be different, I would be silent,

The status of things ain’t right; your future is bleak instead of bright,

Listen to my words, I don’t like you,

But I got to say, you are really disappointing Him.

(But I got to say, it’s high time you stopped disappointing him)


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