My Top Ten Gospel Videos of 2011

I have a great passion for the gospel. This year has seen an advancement in the Kenyan gospel scene. For instance, Emmy Kosgei and Daddy Owen launched their albums on national television. The bar is being higher and higher, and we are just grateful to God that we have come this far.

I am glad with how far God has brought us this year. This list is my list of favorite videos of this year.  It just epitomizes how far God has brought us all. The list has videos from all genres, from hip-hop and crunk, worship and spoken word. The songs have blessed me so much in many ways. I am sharing them with you so that they may bless you too. Enjoy!


10. Not Guilty Remix- Dangee ft Christ Cycoz and Trigga

This video was released on December 29th (yesterday) but I had been waiting for it for a while. The song’s core is Romans 8:33. It features Dan-gee Jaynerale, Christ Cycoz and Trigga. Dan-gee released a mix-tape a month ago and Trigga released his album “Kiatu Bila Soul”. The song is at the top of the Tri-Crew standings for the past two weeks. This is a group of young men who are going places and I know the song will bless you so much.

9. Adawnage- Safari

Adawnage are a band i have come to love so much. They were in Maseno University for the elders concert early this year and they surely made an impact there. The crowd knew every single song off their debut album safari.This is the title song and is a follow-up to another song called “Uwezo”. They have been enjoying a good run and are well on their way to establishing themselves as a household name come 2012. It is wonderful to watch this song and it features Dominic Khaemba aka Domy their producer. He is a maestro with 8 instruments he is good with.Enjoy!

8. Psalm 23- Eko Dydda

What can I ay about Eko Dydda? He is probably the most humble musician I have ever gotten the chance to meet. His demeanor around fans and groupies is really amazing. He has a way with people and he is such an inspiration. This is the title track to his upcoming album “Psalm 23”. Listen to it to understand why he is arguably in the A-list of music ministers in Kenya. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have him and Juliani do a song together?

7. More than a man- Ascofu

This song is my debut video. It is a testimony of how far God has brought meas a person in music and in editing. I did this song in February this year and never got the courage to take it to TV stations. If you like it and want a copy, please let me know. I am also working on new videos to come your way in 2012. God willing.

6. Hill Song- Mighty to save

Hill Song are just doing what they do best- giving us inspiring music. I am working on a hip hop version to this song and its going to be out in the new year.

5. Mmh Baba- Kriss Erroh

Kris has come from far. Since the days of Eeh Baba, he is now a signed artist and this song is a delight to many of his fans. They sing along and as we must duly say, All the glory and honor goes to God. He only is worthy of our praise. He is a Maasai on stage, but a good brother at all times. He is headed for greater heights. I am glad I met him and I am sure that one day, he will be driving his Mitsubishi.

4. Ngiita Mwiiai- Stellar Mengele

Stellar Mengele is probably the biggest artist Kenya needs to know. She has the best heart ever. This song is the title track of her fifth album. She is currently working on the 6th album, which I may feature in, God willing. This song is a call to God to touch us…AGAIN. Its upbeat style makes it very danceable even if you do not understand the language. After you listen to this song twice, you will be singing along, I promise you.

3. So Amazing-MC Dice ft Joan

MC Dice is doing something very new in the Kenyan gospel industry. He is doing hip=hop worship. This song is just as the title suggests, God is amazing. This song is on my playlist every time I want to go the presence of God and worship God. It sets the mood for someone to just let themselves be used by God.  I expect bigger things are on the way for this worship leader/rapper/minister.

2.Exponential Potential- Juliani

It is not possible to mention great performers in Kenya and fail to mention the name of Juliani. he is the first and only artiste to close a whole street and hold his album launch. This video was shot at the NSE (Nairobi Stock Exchange) and it goes without saying that nobody else in Kenya has ever done that. All glory to God for the great things he is doing through Juliani.

1. Ready or Not- by Ezekiel and Janette This video is a spoken word performance done by a group known as P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement). This one is a wake-up call to all Christians to be ready for the return of Christ. It is a very powerful video that you should share with friends and family.


Feel free to share what your favorite videos were for you this year. Comments are welcome. Have a happy new year 2012.



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