I want Christmas

Its been a while since I wrote about my own experiences. I hope that more than just trying to glean over the things disturbing me and spreading them everywhere you will get the message i am portraying. Of late I have been thinking about how much when we say, “I’m saved,” that it actually means exactly that. You see many of us,me included have Jesus as our savior and not as our Lord. This means that he took our guilt away, but he has no authority to “push” us around. He does not tell what to do. many times, we are in this perpetual struggle with him to make sure that we are in control of everything that is going on in our lives.

It is very evident in our day-to-day lives. In my case, i am an Actuarial Science graduate “Wow” I hear you say  but my love is in Writing and things to do with Media. This is the reason that Jacton (my friend) and I decided to come up with Higher Heights Pictures. It is a step of faith and an act of bravery almost stupid not to look for a job, according to my mother that I know and I am sure will pay off very soon.

Anyway, I am digressing, I tend to do that a lot ,I think I may be getting old a thing I have denied for so long but yet again who isn’t? See? Digressing, AGAIN! Okay, here I go now, no false starts like Usain Bolt wait speaking of Usain Bolt, where is Usain Bolt?.

I want to speak about Christmas. It is that special time of the year when parents are finally giving their kids what they really want apart from the fees and the school expenses that they pay,which the kids did not insist on, considering the loads of homework they get when they are actually in school and kids are clad in new clothes, some still with the tags on them. the shoes are crisp clean, not the usual shoes that have the Mona Lisa half-smile from encounters of Africa. Everyone is so jolly about this season of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree.

We are so in line with what the fashion is these days. I heard that these days, you don’t buy gifts, you get people gift vouchers. i even saw on CNN an analysis of the do’s and don’ts concerning gift giving in the office. I am thinking to myself, ” Why are people giving out gifts? If i don’t give anyone a gift this Christmas, will I have done something wrong? Do I owe any obligation to people who send me forwarded texts about Christmases to wish them all a Merry Christmas?

(Speaking of people who forward texts, please do not forward me a text on Christmas, if you can’t just tell me, Merry Christmas, then please keep the poetic stuff to people it is believable they composed them. Sometimes just telling someone Merry Christmas in the language, you usually use is the most practical thing to do. You may text me in english and it becomes mistaken that your phone was hacked by the service provider)

As my questions build up in my head, I think about the many people already posting on social sites saying merry X-mas, mary x-mas and like the grammar self-imposed guru I am, I have an issue with these kind of people. This is due to the fact that the season is not X-mas, some celebration without anything to be celebrated. it is no wonder that this season, may of our young people go to the clubs and binge to their last ounce of sanity and die on our roads, just because its X-mas.  It’s a celebration with an unknown parameter.

The season is Christmas, meaning it is a celebration about Christ, not the Christ in pictures, but the Christ with blood flowing out of his head because of the thorns that pierced. This is not about the Christ in the Kaleidoscope, this is the Christ who had nails go through his palms and feet, bearing the sins of the world, and whose side was pierced because He had decided enough was enough. There was no way we were going to stay separated from God for any longer, and when the Father asked, “Whom shall I send?”  he was so willing to come and die for us.

So what is the fairest thing we can do this season? Apart from the fact that we should remember exactly why we are having this celebration, we should take this time and think, if Christ was sitting right next to you throughout this holiday season ,would He place His stamp of approval on what we are doing.

This is the reason I say, I want Christmas, with its purity and its simplicity, with its love and joy, and our future in Him is secured. He is not bound by time, that means my time is just a drop in His timeline. below, is a video I would recommend we all watch, it touched my heart so much. It was recommended by one of my best friends and I pass the same to you. enjoy.

I have just listened to a song by my good friend Kris Mmh Baba called Black December, here’s the link too Black December

Kamlesh tweeted this. The moon shines because it reflects the sun, we shine coz we reflect the SON #now that is deep.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year 2012.


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