Ivy-Unveiling of a model

I am starting on another branch of  my expertise, photography and Photo-editing.

Her name is Ivy and she is a very good friend of mine. I think for me the greatest thing about working with a person to model for you is their face before the camera. Without a doubt, the camera loves you Ivy. Well, let the photos speak for themselves.


This photo was the first one I did of her. The shiny red boots and the top are some little things I added, but the photo is hers. She just looks like she is the off the cover of a fashion magazine.

My life got so much color in it.
The original for this one was black and white. This is even new for me, but to bring back color to a photo is interesting. She looks stunning, don’t you think?
Posing like Mona Lisa
She was not yet done, because when I saw this one, I told myself, ” Where do these fashion gurus take their photos at? She was definitely meant for the catwalk. I am awed by her tenacity in front of the camera.
When a model poses, you expect them to smile so that the photo becomes riveting, right? Wrong! Ivy’s eyes just blow you away, because she just takes modelling to a new level. Ivy, you are a model! Enough said.
It's all in the eyes.

Whose portfolio is next? Come back here soon to know.

If you are interested in a professional photoshoot, please get in touch with me. Just like my Facebook Page and leave me a comment, I will get back to you.

Am out.


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