I watched as she cried

Today I saw a man make a lady cry.

I saw her tears roll down her cheeks as she could not understand what had come on her man.

She was so in love with him.

She knew he loved her.

He had told her so! Countless times!

He had looked in her eyes and told her that nothing would ever separate them, ever!

He had whispered in her ears that he loved only one woman, her.

He adored only one person’s beauty, hers.

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with someone special, her.

She remembered all this in that moment, and started to wonder when the rain started beating her.

Today I watched as she let another tear fall as she thought of how much she loved him.

How she had shunned the likes of Henry, Davy and Mike, three hot dudes who,

Individually, had asked her out before he had come along.

How she had spared her special gift for someone she truly believed deserved it.

How she had refused to heed the warning of her friends who had told her not to trust him fully.

They had said that he had that playa look; she did not listen. Then again, she never used to.

Today I watched as another tear fell as she reminisced the times that she spent in his arms.

Today I watched as she shed a tear and wished that I could take her and just re-assure her.

I wish I could tell her that one man’s whore is another man’s queen.

She deserved better.

She deserved someone who would take her in his arms and shower her with

Affection like she had never experienced before.

She had to be told.

She desperately needed to be told.

Heart Break

Today as I watched this beautiful woman cry her eyes out, I pondered.

Who is this man who was making this beautiful lady so heartbroken?

Who was this beast that was taking a precious human being for granted?

Who was this selfish, uncaring and ungrateful ingrate who did not give a damn about anyone else except himself?

Today as I watched the dear lady cry, I realized that the man was me.


12 thoughts on “I watched as she cried

    1. Much appreciated my dear.I am glad that God has given me the chance to write something that is influential to people and speak to their lives.

  1. sometimes men don’t realize what harm they do. Mentally its worse than the bruises. The bruises go but words remain. Can you get them out of your head when you are degraded and made to feel like you are nothing? Nobody can! I can’t get them out of my head. Every time I look in the mirror, I can’t see me.
    When i get dressed up to go out i change my clothes several times, wash my makeup off, redo it over and over. That’s what a husband does to you! Even though I’m divorced, do I get to see what others see? NO! His words, his cruel words are still in my head. The funny thing is, i advise others to take care of others but can’t take my own advice. he has hurt me badly. I’m to blame too, i didn’t love him. However, my son came first. To the men and the women remember your actions too. Others can stay with the other person in their selective memory. Will i love once again, trust again?
    I would never treat a human like lots do.

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