Dan-gee Jaynerale Time to Ring The Alarm…Again

Finally, I get to do another personality review and just like the one I did for JPsalmsB4c, well not exactly just like it I am going to be having fun at this. I met this guy on FB (okay, I accept, I was trying to add friends on Facebook, but who can blame a socialite like me, but again, I digress) and I am officially glad for Mark Zuckerberg.

I thought to myself, “Wewe! I know a celeb! Finally!” I know he will ringa a little but it’s all good. But long story short, this friend of mine who refused to join Safaricom agreed to come and perform at Komarock tabernacle Church with his wonderful Tezzy Dee. Those were the days of Ring the Alarm album that I still have a copy of bought it at sh. 100, I think those were the days before the dollar started to rise beyond reach and it was a worth-while investment.

Here we go!

Long story short, I am glad to have met this young man of God. Introducing drum roll please, Dan-gee Jaynerale.

So Mr. Dan-gee, talk to me my brother. What are your full names and explain to us the meaning of your names Dan-gee and Dan-gee Jaynerale.

My Government name is Daniel Gatimu. Dan-gee was derived directly from my name, Dan and the G from Gatimu so as you see Dan-gee doesn’t have any particular meaning, Jaynerale was just a name I had put on facebook as my name but then I was told I had reached the maximum number I could change names so it stuck( Kids this is why you shouldn’t keep changing names on FB). Hehe

When did you discover you could sing?

Me, some time ago.... I know, I know, i was cool

Actually I rap (my bad boss Mr. Rapper)… hehe, it was back in class 8, I just found myself one day writing rhymes but then I was very shy so I couldn’t really express myself until I got to high school and meet people with the same passion I had, the rest as they say is history.

What was your first song?

My first song was with a group called I.C.U (Intensive Christian Unit) it was called salvation, it was a very special song to us. But as a solo artist my 1st song was I Believe featuring Nelian and X-po.

Repping for the King Jesus

Who do you look up to in the local industry and internationally(musically)?

Locally I would say artists who have been there all along and understand that this is ministry and not side business artists like 5 oh 1 and the likes of Shtuko and Mass-G. Internationally guys like Pro, KB and Andy Mineo really inspire me.

Who would you love to do a collabo with locally and internationally?

Hehe..that’s a tricky one, Locally I haven’t really thought of anyone, internationally KB ofcos!

Five years from now, where do you see yourself?

As a very big radio host, renowned artist n owning my own music Label (J4L Music)

What keeps you rapping? ( What inspires you to go on)

The word of God maen, its really inspiring, especially the fact that they is a solution for every situation in life in the bible, also music is part of me, it’s like a 3rd leg to me, can’t do without it.

What can we expect from you in 2012?

Ha-ha, same old Dan-gee Jaynerale, but I tell you this they maybe an album dropping but most certainly “Jaynerale Speaking vol:2” is definitely coming… keep it here!!

Did you have a nickname when you were younger?

Hehe…many my friend… Many, but I won’t be giving you any for fear of being victimized!! Hehe

Up is where my inspiration is

What do you do when you are not in the booth rapping?

Am still in school studying broadcast Journalism and I also run my own company,  Intensive Media.

Most memorable performance that you did?

Performing at Da’Truth’s concert “big picture tour” was really cool!!

What is one thing that many people do not know about you?

That am really shy and that am not a snob.. it just ain’t in me to talk the first step…hehe (now they Know).

What are you listening to right now?

Like right now?? Am listening to my new song NOT GUILTY featuring Christ Cycoz n Trigga… I just can’t get enough of this single. Guys can actually download it for free at  www.reverbnation.com/iamdangee

His video Focus ft Emma and Holydave is right here for your viewing pleasure.

Be blessed people as you prepare to come for his mixtape launch at JIAM on 11th November 2011 from 2pm to 6pm. And its FREE!!

The Mixtape is here.

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