Who is the real boss?

By all estimation we seek the best things that life has to offer. We go to our beds dreaming about how rich we will one day be. We fantasize about how big our tracts of land will be and how fat our bank accounts will be.We want the best things that life has to offer, the cars, the fame, the attention. We want that and more.

One thing we lack, the one thing that makes us not get these things: the patience to see the dream come true. We lack the tenacity that it takes to make these things become a reality.

How long will this take?

In the same breath, many of us want salvation but don’t want the work that’s alongside it. We don’t want the hard work that the Bible attests some of the apostles and the early church went through. We just want to get saved and get to heaven. If that can happen sooner rather than later, we would be very happy.We want the shortcut way to it all.

We want the fruit,but don’t want to tend to the tree that bears it. We want the results, not the sweat. If we can get to heaven without ever breaking a limb, we would be extra happy.We are what I like to refer as “Pap Christians.”

When we pray for something,we want it to be all done in an instant. Its like God is just waiting for us to send Him somewhere.We think God is an instant coffee machine. We treat him like an ATM. We place our request and he asks, “How much?” We press the buttons and then things start happening with little or no effort on our part.

Sometimes we make God like our puppet,we say,”Jump” and we expect Him to say,”How high should I jump *insert your name here *”

Unfortunately for most of us that isn’t the way that God operates.He is not your toy. He is not your small child.He is far from being your servant.
He does as He pleases,the Scripture says{ (KJV)Acts 10:34
Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons}. Let us trust that God knows what is best for us. Sometimes I imagine that when we pray sometimes God just looks at us and answers like the illustration below.

We should, above all things, realize that God does what he does because he wills to do it, not because we make Him do it. It is not our insistent prayers that make God move, it is His infinite grace that makes things happen. it is the fact that he cares so much for us that he does what he does.

He does as He wishes,when He wishes,however He wishes. Instead of us acting like we are His bosses,we should live a life of humility as a realization of the truth that HE is the real BOSS. Without Him, without God, we are nothing.


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