Just a man

How many times have you listened to people speak, sing and act and thought, “Wow! They are so gifted! They have it all. I wish …”

The hiphop artiste of the yr

We admire and adore, immortalize them to demi-god status. We imagine that they have perfect lives, we want to have their beautiful voices, their well shaped bodies. If only we were in a relationship with them, life would be so perfect. Right?
I have heard many of my friends lament, “I wish I had talents like you.You have so many gifts.” Truth is, many people are where there are because they practiced, practiced and practiced some more. Even those naturally gifted at anything, have to put in endless hours of grueling workout.
This article however, seeks to show that all these people are human. They have a weakness. It may not be as bad as being a kleptomaniac, but the baseline is that everyone has a dark side to them.
David, King David of Israel is by far the greatest king to be in Israel. He defeated all enemies and brought the Ark of God back to the nation of Israel. He had a problem, though. He killed a man after impregnating the man’s wife. He took another man’s wife after she left her husband. He conducted a census (in complete contravention of the law of God regarding it).

Moses took his sword and killed an Egyptian and hid him in the sand away from the eyes of men. He forgot to follow the law of God and didn’t circumcise his sons and they were rescued by their mother. He did not heed the voice of God that told him to speak to the rock and instead he hit it for water. In his anger and short tempered issues he broke the ten commandments he had been given by God.

Apostle Peter was a huge liar, denying Jesus, even when they had stayed so long together until he had acquired Jesus’ accent. He was a kimbelembele, trying to convince Jesus that he(Jesus) wasn’t thinking straight.

Apostle Paul who is argued to be the most senior of apostles, had a short temper and once abused the Chief Priest ( though he later apologized that he hadn’t realized that it was him). Elijah was a coward who, on being threatened by Jezebel went to hide himself.

The point is this, no matter who you pick as a great person, they have a weakness. Richard Branson, Whoopi Goldberg both had dyslexia while growing up.

We are strong in some things, weak in others

Nothing about you is a mistake. I will quote a friend of mine who said, “All the things I am not, make me the person that I am.” This statement is so full of deep meaning in it. It essentially follows that:

  • Everyone has a gift or talent. It’s just that some take longer to realize what theirs is/are than others.
  • Your “weakness ” could be your greatest strength.
  • Nothing is impossible to a determined mind.
  • You don’t have to like so-and-so to consider yourself a success.
  • There is something that you can do that nobody can ever do as well as you.
  • You are not on earth to compete with anybody, but to complement people .

Kirk. Franklin said something that really fascinated me. He said, “God uses the messed up people and uses them so that nobody can get the glory except himself.” You see, you are who you are because of where you have been. You wouldn’t be where you are if you hadn’t gone through what you have gone through.

It is the grace of God that keeps us standing.


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