Freedom,what freedom?

Good morning readers. I am really geared up to doing a post a day. It is really exciting. I am hoping that by the end of this month I will have a laptop. My God is not limited by the amount of money in my bank account. He is infinite and I am finite. If you would like to buy me the laptop or assist me to get there, let me know. I can let you know the model. (Yes, that’s how big my faith is ).
Today I would like to talk a little about freedom. Freedom(borrowing from how law defines terms )is the freedom to do, say as you please. Nice, right? But,seriously (since my English teacher Mrs. Ojung’a may read this, and I wouldn’t like for her to get a heart attack) I define freedom as the autonomy of thought patterns and the ability to engage in any activity of your own volition, devoid of coersion and external influence.

Do you have freedom? Are you free?

Freedom is what we seek

I know many of you have said yes to the two questions I have just asked. However, I would like for you to come back to the 2 questions again after reading the full article.

There was a time, around our parents age of youth when people would be in Form 6 and they would be called for jobs in different organizations in public service as teachers, and every one who decided to go to college i.e. university was sure to get in at managerial level. Those were the days of BOOM and having sausages for breakfast. I am not purporting to be that old as to know the details but as you can see, I listened to the stories. Everyone,or at least almost everyone wanted to be a teacher. I think(my opinion) it was the best job that they knew of. That was the good life, when UoN was really THE university(of course now it’s Maseno,ha ha! Lighten up ladies and gentlemen) and people who wanted to do Masters degree went to Makelele University.

Fast forward to 2011,the universities are admitting at least 20K students every year into its gates. Amazingly,many graduates leave but very few scholars are made. Apart from the fact that many lecturers are already frustrated with the kind of work they are doing, many of the students are in courses they didn’t even put on their application forms. Some are doing courses, because dad (read the fee payer )  said so.

Four years are spent in campus studying and doing assessment after the other and still after all that struggle, there is no happiness. Why?  Because,they didn’t have the freedom to choose what they wanted to do. I often ask my friends what they love doing. Many times they are not doing it full time. They do “that thing ” when they have the time(which, of course,rarely even happens ) and they spend their days slaving in an office, typing a document and cursing the boss for adding new files on their desk at 4:55pm. They do their work with a lot of hatred for the job itself (because they are doing it only for the cheque) and they (we) wonder why we have ulcers.

How happy would our lives be if we had the freedom to do what thing makes us happy. Our newspaper editors would not just be people who have Mass Communication as a degree, but rather people who love languages and who are able to flower it up not deflower it. Our teachers wouldn’t be just people who were told by JAB to do BEd, but rather individuals who have a genuine passion to impart knowledge and influence the younger generation. Our pastors wouldn’t be school dropouts and conmen,but rather theological geniuses and spiritual men and women who God has called,ordained and spoken to. I honestly believe that there would be more peace in our homes if we were truly free.

I am very aware of the fact that many parents are scared of the thought of letting a child choose what he/she wants to do in life. “What does a child know?” a parent asks. But how many parents want to have their ears bitten off like that primary school story we know of. Maybe your child will not end up as bad as you think if you let him be a pianist. What if Mozart’s mother had stopped him from ever touching the piano, where would we get good classical music? What would we do if we wanted Paul’s Cookie mans cookies, and Paul’s dad had disapproved of his bakery dreams?

Yeah, my mouth is turning watery.

(All this writing is making me crave cookies. 🙂 )

With freedom comes responsibility, ladies and gentlemen, if you have the freedom to do as you please then make sure that the world benefits from your freedom.

So my question still stands,
Do you have freedom? Are you free?

Think about it. Have a good day.


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