Stop trying to be perfect

Writing a post a day is very hard. Every person who is a writer or has a blog will admit to that fact. Since I made a commitment to you my reader, I will do my very best not to let you down. In that connection (remember the high school prefect using that line to justify calling you to stay behind) I am writing two posts today, hopefully, to compensate for yesterday.
One day a Saducee, not Pharisee, came and asked Jesus, “Good teacher, …” and Jesus asked,”why do you call me good? For nobody is good except Yahweh.”
I paused to think about what Jesus has just said. He had just said that no single person is good! Not even me. Not even my Pastor is good (that means yours as well, I know you have that look of amazement on you) not even the Dalai Lama is good, in Jesus standards.

Do things have to be perfect?

So why do people pretend they are all good and sinless (my mother says,”Pretending that your *expletive* don’t stink.” The statement can only be said out loud in my mother tongue and not in English)? Why struggle to maintain a facade before people,essentially living for people.
Many of us are like the man and his son who were taking the donkey to the market. As they started, they dragged the donkey with a rope until they met a man who asked them,”Why are you letting such a young boy walk in the sweltering heat and can’t let him enjoy being carried on the animal?” So the son got on. After some distance, they met a group of women who asked, “What an unruly and disrespectful child! How can you ride on the donkey and your aging father is walking?” The son got off and his father got on. As they journeyed on,they met a couple of young men who advised them to both be carried by the donkey. The son got on the donkey as they continued on their way. An animal activist met and told them, “I have never seen such slave masters in my life! One donkey, two people on it! Don’t you realize that the donkey gets tired too? You should actually be carrying it and not the other way around.” That’s what they did! It was such a laughable spectacle as they got into the market.

Why evryone's opinion ain't important

Carrying a donkey on their shoulders! Someone shouted, “Couldn’t you have just dragged the donkey using a rope?” Laughable?  Maybe, but aren’t many of us exactly like that?  People pleasers,seeking approval from people hoping they will like us. We are hoping that we will get more friends. Trying to show how good and perfect we are.
Nobody is perfect. Nobody is good, absolutely good. We have flaws,many of them. There is a reason we are human beings and not angels. We are supposed to try out things, make mistakes, fall and hurt ourselves at times, get bruises and scars, shed tears because of how unfair life is. If we don’t make mistakes,how will we learn? How do we learn how to forgive if we are never hurt?  How do we learn friendship if we never experience betrayal?
We shouldn’t concentrate so much on what people say about us. If you do thing A people will talk about you. If you decide to do B, surprise, surprise people will still talk about you. Then again,if you decide to do nothing, it doesn’t mean they will not talk about you. Stop running away from the reality that you are the way you are for a reason. If we all were like so-and-so the world would pretty boring. Like the adage goes, “You were born an original,don’t die a photocopy”

There is no need trying to be perfect. It is not healthy for you. 🙂

Perfectionist Principle

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