Doing what I love

For many of us, the choice between our career and our passion is like day and night.Take a pick, doing what you went to campus to study for and doing what they say you are good at.
Easy choice, right? Right?  Wrong! The society around us has all sorts of expectations for us.How many of us have parents who want us to be one thing when we want to be another? Thank you, I see the hands. 🙂 I have friends who do not believe I have done Actuarial Science.I get those looks like, “Are you sure you don’t do Computer Science? Or Media? You always carry a camera around.” In my head, I try and think, “so?”
There is a very huge difference between what you are doing to bring food on the table and what you do to make the whole world in awe at how good you are…
I love photography, I get crazy behind the camera. There are shots I have taken and thought, “Oh, Yes!” I will add some shots that I simply can’t get over.

Sadness is a great emotion as well

I just wish I had a camera of my own. I would walk all over and take the great photo moments I see in my surrounding. I would start looking like a tourist(Speaking of tourists, I saw one taking a photo of me in town, I thought she had seen a wild animal!)
I have a great appreciation for film and editing. I used to spend long lengths of time on my desktop with my exclusive  Sony Vegas 10 trying to help a friend finish up their media project that was due in three hours. I cannot speak about life editing and fail to mention my first time. It was in 2009,when I was made producer of the JAZ movie FORK. That was an experience and a half. From borrowing multiple laptops to try and edit quickly to taking 42 hrs to try and convert the 2.5 hr movie from MPEG to AVI. Interestingly, we completed editing 7 minutes to the time of the movie launch. Good times!

I have been an actor for the longest time, since 2004 when I acted as a corrupt Pastor Zedekiah. That landed me best actor in the district. Those were great times, when in 2005 while in Form 4 I went on stage with Mr. Herbert Mutai with, in my opinion, one of my best performances. Over time, I have been involved in umpteen skits and two full length movies.

I am a writer, written over 60 poems. This blog has a number of poems, one of my short stories and many musings of my mind.
I will continue to involve myself in the things I love doing.
Keep watching me. I am doing what I love. What are you doing?


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