Miss Bee-Poet /Writer/Model Extraordinaire

Beryl Achieng is a third year student of Media at Maseno University. Her poetry is full of emotion. I will leave you with a great poem she wrote. It’s at the end of this article, but first things first she is a model who contested for Miss Maseno in 2010. She is a model extraordinaire. To me, she is a wonderful sister and we have been through a lot. She is a true friend and a caring heart that the world is blessed to have around.

In the office... Manager look

In the photo above, I just did a little air-brushing and changed the color of the top to my favorite color PURPLE( she is royalty!) She got the model look even in her own photos.

Smile worth a thousand words

Here, she just smiled for the camera.Truly,bling is useless when you just need a smile to make a door open up.

Sadness is a great emotion as well

I took this photo in her room. Random photo-shoots, she had this crying like look on her that just did me in. The blue-hooded top she had just went perfect with the background as she was “feeling blue”. I had a great time working with her.

Say cheese!

The black mini and the yellow top is a classic for the hot season. The greatest thing about working with her is the fact that she is really flexible. She is able to bring out whatever emotion you would like to come out.

get your stunner on!

The photo above is just very simple, smile, smile, smile. The Maasai ornaments accessorize really well for her.

Finally, she just made the whole shoot worth it. I believe her vision to become a model in Kenya is just about to become fulfilled. The one blow was the first we did with some decent lighting and she did justice to the time we spent in the shoot. Kudos baby sister. You got what it takes!

Strike a pose baby

The poem is called  LETTING GO

Se washes her hands
never will she deep them there again
once there was heaven here on earth
now the heat of hell is all she hath
she used to laugh
now life is tough
she tries to forget
but her mind is like a watch on reset
it all comes back to her
and she fights it,she tries to be stronger

sometimes she goes ten steps back
they get heavier when she tries to get back on track
she wants to let go
but she doesn’t know how
she needs a break
but why are these voices on her head?
sometimes she is a priceless work of art
again she tries to put together pieces of her broken heart
its hard,but she has to
she’s gorgeous,it’s true
her face is all blue
but she has to let go

this process is killing her
she wishes it never even started
the nights are getting darker
she’s trying to press fast forward
to these memories,she has to say bye
even though they are precious to her inside
she needs to let go
this has to get into her thick skull
chances of her happiness are void and null
she’s got no option,she has to let go

she shouldn’t stay with someone
who makes her cry
she might end up killing
all the love she has inside
but it’s dying already
she wants to kill it
she’s ready to commit this murder
and she never wants to bother
her aim is to let go!

bottom line she wants to let go
to these memories


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