Happy new month readers

as a writer(like me),you may experience a point many of us call writer’s bloc. A point where no idea seems to make any sense and the light bulb on your head (picture Johnny Bravo) isn’t getting on at all. Sometimes a miracle isn’t anywhere in the offing.
That’s where yours truly has been for 30 days, stuck in the quagmire of…what was that word again? Anyway, back to my story.
Today is 1st of October 2011,(obviously) and it’s day one of 60 that I am committing myself to write an article a day.
Some will be really personal, others funny, while others will just be silly.
In November, I will be joining writers around the world to write a 50,000 word novel. This is practise month, next month we get to the grind.
So, to help me get there I need you. Umtu gumtu Ubuntu …believe me I knew that saying!  It is translated into I am because we are.
1.What would you like me to write about?
2.What stories fascinate you?
3.If you would like to have a photoshoot done, just let me know.
4. Comment below and your idea will be a blogpost this month.


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