Rose Nasimiyu- Saluting a sensation

In my head I am thoroughly debating whether to write about Rose Nasimiyu or not.. here is a 9-year-old who has just shot to the limelight in a span of less than 3 weeks during the recent launch of the Nyong’o Africa Cancer Foundation. She was on Capital talk on Monday this week. Catch her here:

Part 1 Rose Nasimiyu

Part 2 Rose Nasimiyu

Part 3 Rose Nasimiyu

Part 4 Rose Nasimiyu

She has the face of an angel and the spirit of a fighter. This is just to say, ” We support you and we are awed by you.”

Safaricom has enabled her set up an Mpesa Paybill account 551754 ( I can’t believe that I have already memorised it) and the best part is that its zero-rated. That means that you will not have to pay anything extra while supporting her.

Just as Jeff said, “And in times of overcoming the odds…”

By Wednesday morning when she was being interviewed on Kiss 100 by Caroline Mutoko, there was a buzz about her and her story. One thing that I must commend is the leadership that Caro exhibited, she donated Ksh. 5,000 within two minutes of them being in the studio (God bless your soul), and we wonder why God has blessed her so.

Phoebe ( Rose’s mum) had to go to Safaricom HQ to get a paybill number, because she had exceeded the threshold balance. Kenyans can be very generous. I salute you all.

I am saluting Miss Rose Nasimiyu aka Princess Rose who, decided to help her mum raise money for her chemo and has a song called “I believe” that is sure to get you thinking of how much she is going to brighten our world.

I would love to see this taken a bit further with the setup of a Cancer Foundation. Princess Rosie should be the goodwill ambassador. She is more than able to do the job.

Read more about her from these blogs I loved:

All I can say is, ” Impact your world, strive to make a difference”

Rose says, “Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death”

I finally found her video on YouTube… Marvelous work, just watch I believe by Rose Nasimiyu aka Princess Rose.



16 thoughts on “Rose Nasimiyu- Saluting a sensation

  1. I realise that as Kenyans we ride sometimes on a wave. But this is just my two cents. Le us also help the people around us. How many people are around us who cannot get access to basic health care and basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

    It is appaling that we can sleep in our glass houses and enjoy very expensive meals,
    while our next door neighbour suffers to even get a single meal. The one very important thing that I have picked from Miss Rose Nasimiyu is that we should care for other people.

    By the way her song is already on skiza thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bob Collymore.

    Dial *811# and press 1 and enter the name PRINCESS. Enjoy!

  2. Alternatively You can send a text with “SKIZA 5050006” to 811 and you will get the ring back tone. All proceeds go towards financing her chemotherapy sessions, which as of today stand at 10. Each costs around Ksh. 50,000 to Ksh. 60,000. Do the math.

    She needs all the help she can get. Do a good thing today. Dont just read her story and start pitying her. She does not want pity. She is bright about life and she wants to live. She needs your support and your prayer.

  3. such an inspiration, this child is our future for all African people from all African continents. she has a loving and caring family, Her brother is so cute, and her mama is beautiful, She has a daddy, which many a child would be proud of, he has secured her another chance in life, he has grasped her hand and lead her to stardom he is remarkable, many a father would have ran away from all this, but this daddy has stayed and supported his own daughter, just from the many family photos and interviews you can see on Google, Rose loves her daddy so much. He is an angel sent from the good lord, and we all hope that Rose continues to thank god in her prayers for sending her a wonderful supporting daddy, and a loving mama and brother too.
    All absent fathers out there, we do hope you have seen our princess on your travels around the Google earth. And we hope you will all take a leaf from this daddies book, anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.
    And Princess Rose is living proof of that, please take the time to listen to her song and interviews it’s so touching, To all the children out their, who’s father has deserted them, hold tight , the good lord will bring you a daddy one day just like he did with Princess Rose.

    1. Thanks for the comments Maria. It is a privilege to have parents like Rose has. God will surely bless them.

  4. Excellent, excellent just excellent, Thank you keep it up and please follow her story. would love to see the family all together on this site with their story, surely it would be a best seller.

  5. I must say i have become concerned with the recent events in Kenya’s social media. key among them is the rise to stardom of child cancer patient Rose Nasimiyu. Now dont get me wrong i feel for her and any other cancer patient out there because i know it is a debilitating illness and no one deserves to undergo the ordeal. I however raise concern with the way her social media campaign has been carried out and the focus has shifted from cancer to Princess Rose Nasimiyu. I raised these concerned with the relevant people on her Facebook page but i was deleted and blocked.

    I have been to Kenyatta National Hospital’s Paediatric Cancer ward and what i saw moved me to tears. The Kids in that ward looked nothing than Princess Nasimiyu. I believe that cancer is being mis-reprsented by the ardent campaign by the parents of Rose Nasimiyu and this is not fair to the children living with cancer. it is a pity that the Kenyan Media is so lazy and no one is asking the right questions. The audience is equally lazy and gullible. How many of the 35,000 fans on her facebook page have ever visited the Pedeatric Cancer Wing at Kenyatta Hospital? How many have ever donated anything to the fund for children suffering with terminal illnesses? What the people behind the princess Rose Nasimiyu craze are doing is wrong, criminal and inhuman to the people living with cancer. Here is a sample of the letter i posted on her Facebook page. I know there might be others who might have tried contavting them and stating the same concerns but the people who are selling to us Princess Nasimiyu want us to buy buy buy and anything or anyone who presents an opinion that undermines the profit margins is ignored. I hope that is not the case with this forum. by Frank Sunday I seconded him.

    1. Interesting. As you have aptly pointed out it is very few people that have been to that ward. But do not equate it to laziness, just because Kenyans rallied and helped her raise her chemotherapy bills does not mean they do not care about the other children and people suffering. First, the heart that gives is better than the one that receives and whatever reason that they gave is upto them, as long as someone gets helped.
      Secondly, in line with your argument it would be like saying that we should not contribute for kenyans for Kenya because we have not been to Turkana, I do not say that you have said that. Think about it though, if we all went to the ward and saw the kids and came back home to share the story and do nothing else, will we have helped those kids?
      Think about it.

  6. In my opininon, it’s not the media who are at fault here, it’s Kenyans nature of running away with everything. The media did a great job of airing her plight but the rest of you decided to make it their story.

    Plus I think the kid is inspiring.

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