Tribute to the great Elly Otieno Bodo


I was really debating what to write about Mr. Elly Bodo. I saw him as one of the interesting lecturers (I think he was probably the most interesting), he would come for our class and tell us, “Students as you can see today I am more serious than ever.”

Personally, he was the one person who would just advice you wherever he found you. He was a pure statistician. He says that he has been teaching statistics since 1993 (how old was I? Ummmm…)

He never forgot to tell us to search for him on skype. His handle was ellybodo.

This is not a cry at being robbed of someone who had a great impact on our lives, but a celebration of the times when he would teach us Bayesian Statistics and Decision theory, how we felt when he would extend a few minutes until the next lecturer showed up. This is a remembrance of the laughs we shared when he would “harass” someone who was late and ask them for an assignment we had all already submitted (yet we hadn’t).

We would giggle at the back of the class and the person would still submit the work. We were so good at “finishing” the assignments in LH 11 while the class in LH12 was continuing.

            I remember going to him and asking for a soft copy of the notes he was teaching in class, and it ended up being a talk about my professional papers and what I need to do to be able to pass them. He even offered to help me with the Probability paper. He had plans of getting a number of first and second years( about ten) and coaching them to be able to pass that paper.

            This is a tribute to a great man, a father, a friend, a colleague to others and an easy-going guy who was an epitome for others to emulate. I hope we all make you proud.

            May we celebrate the people in our lives while we can, because you never know the plans that God has.


This is his details that I picked from the Maseno University website.


 Full names: Elly Otieno BODO


Qualifications: MSc, Mathematics (Statistics) U.O.N,1992.
-Bsc Mathematics U.O.N,1989.
currently studying for my PhD in Markov chain theory.


Research Interest: stochastic models applied to education and manpower models
statistical computing .
analysis of development data based on Applied Statistics and Computing using R,SAS, Genstat, SPSS.
statistics In Applied Climatology
statistical Genetics.
monitoring and evaluation.


Ongoing research: Markov chain models for projection and control of stocks and flows in a manpower system.


Publications: Owino J. and Bodo E.O. (2005): Maintainability in a manpower system. East African Journal of Statistics, Volume 1, Number 1.
-Bodo E. O. (1991): Models for projection and control of grade numbers in a manpower system. A dissertation in partial fulfillment for the award of MSc. Degree,University of Nairobi).


He also participated in The Statistics and Probability African Society (SPAS) Initiative.

On LinkedIn he was at

Here are some comments from his students:

Timothy Olewe Otiende

4:35pm Jul 13

It is shocking n saddening, may his soul rest in eternal peace, he impacted my academic life tremendously, and he will be 4ever remembered.

David Waira

1:39am Jul 13

May GOD rest ua soul in eternity…

Magee Lemma

2:23am Jul 13

Let’s pray 4 Mr. Bodo’s family that God may grant them, solace n unending peace during this trying moment that they may get the strength 2 move on.

Josephine Mokeira

7:53am Jul 12

Mr. Bodo was one very unique person; my prayers & condolences with family & friends.

Nyaenya Daniel Gisore

3:53am Jul 12

Good bye Mwalimu lots of prayers to your family for I know it’s a hard tyme for them, May the Good Lord rest your soul in eternal peace.
You will greatly be missed by chairman

Wenger Boy Moguche

4:01am Jul 12

We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy that he spreads as he goes along,
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
there’s a place that is just for HIM…

Wenger Boy Moguche

3:31am Jul 12

O Ye whose cheek the tear of pity stains,
Draw near with pious reverence, and attend!
Here lie the loving student’s dear remains,
The tender lecturer, and the generous friend;
The pitying heart that felt for human woe,
The dauntless heart that feared no human pride;
The friend of man to vice alone a foe;
For “even his failings leaned to virtue’s side.”

Martin Kirung’o

12:10pm Jul 11

Like a blossoming rose, tragically trampled, your bloom was cut short. Mr.Bodo, you have left a lasting impression on many lives & the amiability, benevolence & consideration you radiated bathes us still. I will always recall your charm, humility & humor in class 4ever. I note with concern that this is deep sorrow and regret & as Mr.Arori noted, may Lord find you worth to join his Faculty .May your soul rest in peace, let perpetual light fall upon him 4ever.

Ngeresa Osango

9:59am Jul 11

Those of us in Ksm and their environs kindly put forward dates we can hook up with regards to the passing on of our star.

Zippy Je

11:38am Jul 11

I thought I was gonna be called ‘nyako’ again next sem, too bad for me and all 4th 2011/2012.

Victor K Kímani

11:34am Jul 11

he used to call me mondo wa nyomba, RIP

Peter Tosh Scoffield

9:29am Jul 11

Elly Bodo…also known as Markov…thanks for giving us the fighting spirit through those tough ‘core’ courses…hope we’ll meet again some day.

Fidel Ndai

9:37am Jul 11

Life is a book, we all read it.
Love is a blessing, we all need it.
Always be happy, walk with a smile.
Remember in dis world we r just 4 a while

Geoffrey Obiri

11:46am Jul 10

Core statistician! The 1st thing I saw whenever Mr. Elly came across. We loved and cherished every moment,esp. the last semester. God Has His plans…. R.I.P


Great Mr. Elly Bodo, I treasure you. You are still my teacher. What I am today has been influenced by you. Thank you.

Long live the legacy of Mr. Elly Bodo.


The Core Statistician



11 thoughts on “Tribute to the great Elly Otieno Bodo

  1. A fallen giant. This guy was down to earth. After class we would sit together outside the lecture hall and share about life. class of 2001

  2. i found a friend who knew hw to balance life. since first yr during descriptive stats…u r a core statistician…u gv us many reasns to laugh n to remember u. i shall cry no more…i celebrate u my friend.i salute u.RIP

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