Food for thought II

The first time I had a computer was in 2007,when I got to campus. I used to switch it on, and go to my pal’s room, idle there a while, then come back to find it loading the OS still. It was interesting because on the days when there would be power interruptions, I would just leave it off, because it was just useless to try to put it on again, since by the time it would be halfway on, the lights would go…again!! It was a PIII with 128MB RAM. Those who can see my predicament, now understand how slow that thing was. I was proud of it, though. I had bought it with my own cash, not anyone else’s. I learnt the virtue of patience, from waiting for a computer that would blatantly declare 29 days 14 hrs 16 minutes remaining to copy. Of course, this was after it had stayed for 5 minutes saying, “Preparing to copy”.

In the past few days, I have been getting home a little late. At around 9pm is the time I get to town and wait at Bus Station for the mats to go home. We all push and shove at each other to get a seat inside and all of us (young and old alike) want to fill a 14 seater. So we push each other aside and it is very easy to lose things in all the bustle of boarding. Once we leave town, we go through various shortcuts breaking every single rule on the road in the bid to get home. On one night, the driver hit a personal car and attempted to flee. Then after arguing with that driver, started fighting with a passenger( I don’t even remember how that fight started), then yesterday a drunk passenger caused fracas and was thrown out of the matatu.

I could not help but wonder the reason why people tend to be in worse moods at the end of the day. We fuss and fight and it is very uncomfortable in the matatu/bus as you travel, because you are not even sure whether the guy in a hood next to you is just spotting one, or he and his friends are just about to hijack the vehicle. Where is brotherly kindness? Where is the love? asked BEP.

Jesus admonished us to love one another and being patient with one another is a sure way of showing that we love one another. Do you love your neighbor? He also declares that, Love your neighbor as you love yourself. So, how do you love others and yet you hate yourself? Well, that is a story for another day.

Think about it… How easier life would be if we were just a little patient with each other.


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